When will I be good enough?

I’m trying hard…

I care so much

I do everything I can

When will I deserve to be treated like a human being?

I’m still here


Why are you the nicest person I know?

Yet why are you the meanest?

What will it take to be treated well?

You care, I know you do

How do I know?

You put so much effort into helping me

You put so much emotion

So why am I different? Why do I get treated like this?

I’m losing my ability to care

It’s fading

I value you…as a friend, as a person

You know I do

Yet, you’re so cruel

It’s over

I’m fed up

Get over yourself

Question your own assumptions

Treat people how you want to be treated

The anger has subsided

It’s over, no more hurt

I’m staying away

I’m not placing my worth in anyone’s hands

Did you say something?

Are you pretending everything’s normal?

I want nothing to do with you

Fuck off

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