A Day In Melbourne – 14th of December

On Saturday I spent the day in Melbourne basically just eating everything I could. My friend and I decided to explore the city, look at the Christmas displays and well…eat. We started at Qv where they had a giant Christmas tree and cute little Christmas displays, definitely a photo op. Qv is food court/resturant complex that has always been very friendly to its customers, even providing free alcoholic beverages on the Saturdays leading up to Christmas. The cute little cocktails were delicious and refreshing, it was great fun to have a little drink. Being summer in Australia around Christmas time, we tend to have cold fruity Christmas drinks and desserts. Even the Egg Nog here is typically drank cold.

After getting some cocktails, we went to the Thai resturant called Son in Law to find some picturesque Pikachu steamed buns. The resturant was very colourful and minimalistic with lots of neon. The steamed buns were interesting…it was bun with no filling that was supposed to be dipped in Nutella. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Nutella but personally it was only worth it for that cute instagram pic. The other food did look delicious, however; we didn’t try it because we were both craving fried chicken so we left it for out next food adventure. While at the resturant we exchanged Christmas gifts and I was given this cute bag full of novelty sort of items such as; wine sweaters and fish bowl cocktail mix. I was so excited to give my friend her Birthday/Christmas present because I brought her a Sleeping Beauty glass rose engraved with her name from DisneyLand, she loved it.

After the Pikachu buns, we went to Bourke Street Mall to see the Harry Potter pop shop they have at Myer. I think the pop up shop opened because the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play is in town (fantastic play). There was lots of cute Harry Potter merchandise that I wish I could have brought to fulfill my dreams of having a Harry Potter themed room, but unfortunately it was very expensive.

After exploring Myer for a bit, we went to eat some Korean Fried Chicken at SamSam Chicken and Beer. The resturant looked like your typical korean resturant and had a great vibe, it felt like I was in Korea. We got watermelon soju which was amazing, if you didn’t read the label, you wouldn’t think it was alcoholic. We also ordered cheese tteokbokki and fried chicken covered in cheese powder. The cheese tteokbokki was delicious, the fried chicken on the other hand I could not eat much of. The fried chicken was covered in a cheese powder that was just way too sweet for my liking, I am a savoury food person.

After eating fried chicken we said goodbye and I went to meet my family. My sister wanted korean barbecue and by that point I was about to give birth to a food baby. But I soldiered on and ate some bulgogi, it did help that I had ordered more soju and well when I drink, I get a bottomless stomach. I got a bit drunk and tried to go to karaoke but no one else wanted to sing so our night ended and I sang karaoke in the car.

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