The Silhouette

Somethings watching.

I can’t quite make it out

It’s darkness…

It’s a silhouette

Is it human or animal?

It looks like something in between

It appears everywhere

I’m with friends…it’s there

Watching tv…it’s there

Never close but never too far

I don’t understand why

“What do you want?”

“Why won’t you let me be free?”

The silhouette won’t respond

It’s starting to fade…

It’s getting smaller and smaller

Now that it knows I’m watching…

Now that I’m trying to talk to it

It’s receding back into the shadows

The silhouette is so small now

Barely noticeable!

It’s small enough to ignore

I feel at peace

Peace never lasts long…

It’s growing

I stopped watching it so it grew…

It’s returned

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