Better Yourself Bucket List

This year, I really lost myself. By the time I finished my course I was full of self-doubt, depression, anxiety and fear. My anxiety got to the point where I would have a panic attack every night because I would think about the past year and blame myself. It took my friend telling me that I was becoming a toxic person (a bit harshly), for me to see that I was letting the way people treated me, negatively affect others. Althought her words hurt I knew she was right and I am glad she told me because I couldn’t see it. So from that day I told myself I wasn’t going to be negative anymore. I am who I am and that is a great person, those who treat me poorly based on their own insecurities is their problem. It wasn’t that simple though, with anxiety comes a lot of thinking, a lot of self-reflection. Right after my friend said that, I went to Japan for two weeks and for the most part it was great, I was distracted, I didn’t think about everything that happened and was living in the present. While I was there, I wrote a ‘Better Yourself Bucket List’ for me to fulfill my passion for learning and while I haven’t completed any of it, I am working on it. So, here it is…the bucket list to learn everything I want to learn. There’s no set time period because learning is a journey.

  • Learn to make cheese.
  • Make a blanket.
  • Get fit.
    • Learn about nurition and implement it in my diet.
    • Develop a healthy lifestyle – exercising + eating healthy.
    • Stop binge eating.
  • Learn to play a song that I can sing along to on piano.
  • Develop your makeup skills.
    • Learn a new eyeshadow look.
  • Learn to cook hard dishes.
    • Pasta.
      • Ravioli.
      • Gnocchi.
    • Beef Wellington.
    • Smoke meat.
    • Lasagna from scratch.
    • Dumplings.
    • Chicken pot pie.
    • Hummus.
    • Ramen.
  • Learn to use a slow cooker.
  • Bake everything.
    • Sour dough bread.
    • Pies.
    • Corn torillas.
    • Donuts.
    • Pumpkin pie.
    • Crossaints.
    • Puff Pastry.
    • Tart.
    • Entermet.
    • Those american biscuit things.
  • Learn to make cocktails.
  • Coding.
    • Make an app.
  • Candlemaking.
  • Get an aquarium.
  • Relearn highschool math.
  • Because N3 level in Japanese.
  • Start to learn Korean.

There you have it, my ‘Better Yourself Bucket List’. It’s not set in stone and I can add to it at any point. It’s great to have something to motivate me to feel myself again because I forgot who I was. I am someone who loves to learn, to cook, to bake and do random things. I am finally feeling myself again and at this point in time, I am working on getting fit and my Japanese skills. One step at a time…

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