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Why I Love Frozen 2 – Pt. 2 (spoilers)

Watching the first Frozen movie, I was amazed by Elsa’s transformation. She went from a character who isolated herself because she was afraid to hurt people, to someone who was able to express her feelings and let others in. Frozen 2 allowed for further character development, progressing from a highly anxious individual to one who becomes free of anxiety and lets herself be free.

During the first song ‘Some Things Never Change’, the characters sing about how time is moving forward, yet they all remain the same. For Elsa she keeps hearing a call and has great anxiety that ‘somethings coming’ and how she’s ‘not sure she wants things to change at all’. These lines show the fear Elsa has in regards to the future and the uncertainty that awaits. Suffering from anxiety myself, the ambiguity that the future has can be terrifying and make you want to hold onto the present tightly. Elsa describes how the ‘days are precious’ and she cannot ‘let them slip away’, however; she ‘can still go out and seize this day’. Despite Elsa’s anxiety, she isn’t allowing dread to hold her back and is continuing to go about her day seizing every moment. This ability to not let anxiety stand in your way displays Elsa’s progression from the first movie, allowing us to see her journey. Yet at this point, she still has far to go due to her constant overthinking.

Throughout the Frozen franchise, we get to see Elsa’s progression in overcoming her anxiety. The song ‘Into the Unknown’, is very much about ignoring the voice in your head. Elsa is refusing to listen to the ‘siren’ as she fears ‘what [she] is risking if [she] follows’ it. The use of ‘siren’ demonstrates how the voice is enticing for her and it compels her. It isn’t until the movie progresses, that we see the voice was her own. For Elsa, the idea of pursuing the call gives her great anxiety because she’s afraid to risk what she has. The voice even goes so far as to ‘keep her awake’, which shows the constant thinking about whether to listen to the siren. This song analyses the overthinking of an individual when something new or scary makes an appearance. Which is further evident when she states ‘there’s a thousand reasons to go about my day’. It shows the compulsion to think about reasons why something should or shouldn’t happen. This is a classic symptom of anxiety, the constant overthinking and reflection. The song demonstrates Elsa’s thought process as it progresses from blocking the siren out, to thinking why is it here? To then accepting it and making a decision. This inability to make decisions is something many of us can resonate with because fear holds us back. Elsa was able to move forward and finally let the siren in, it’s only after she does this that she can become who she was meant to be.

In the song ‘Show Yourself’, it displays how the voice inside Elsa’s head was her own the entire time. She sings ‘I can sense you there, like a friend I’ve always known, I’m arriving, and it feels like I am home’. Elsa set out looking for someone like her and in these lines, she suggests she feels like this is where she is meant to be. She then explains how she’s ‘always been a fortress, cold secrets deep inside’. It demonstrates how Elsa never felt at home and how her anxiety and dismissing the voice in her head held her back. Throughout the song, Elsa thought she was looking for someone like her, when the entire time she was looking for herself. It isn’t until her mother sings ‘there’s a river…full of memory…come, my darling, homeward bound’ that Elsa realises ‘[she] is found’. When Elsa finally finds the truth about her past through the memories of her ancestors, she is ‘homeward bound’, meaning she is finally finding where she belongs. She confirms this through singing ‘I am found’. The entire time she wasn’t in search of anyone else, she was looking for herself. There’s no longer any fear or sadness towards being alone, she has found herself and can finally be who she is. This is further confirmed when her mother sings to her ‘you’re the one you’ve been waiting for’. I think this is an idea a lot of people can understand, we tend to ignore our own voice and as a result we look for other voices to guide us. We overthink, trying to read signals and signs to figure out who we should be. This leads to that fear and anxiety of being alone, then at some point we need to realise the only one we’ve been looking for is ourselves. Our own voice is the only one that can guide us, and that idea is something that is very hard to come to. This song is a fantastic example of how we have to understand ourself to find ourself.

Thanks everyone for reading my analysis of Elsa’s character, her message is one that really hits close to home and I just wanted to share it with everyone.

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