Lesson Learned – 22nd of December

I feel like shit. I’m starving and hardly eaten. I am also incredibly thirsty but every time I drink a lot of water it comes back up. So. Ow I’m trying to eat toast and hoping for the best.

What made me sick? Well it was my own fault in two ways. One I am doing keto and eating less and two I drank a lot more of alcohol on an empty stomach.

Lesson learned. If I drink while doing keto I need moderate how much I drink and always eat. Other than the Christmas party was great, we basically all just hung out and had Kris Kringle. I got a card game from the KK and my friend got me a separate present. She got me the Fenty Eye Shadow Palette and a Kat Von D liquid lipstick. It was nice to see everyone again and we played karaoke. Now, the more I drink the worse I get so it was horrible but, we all enjoyed it.

So yeah that was my weekend, now I’m ending it lying in bed and spending most of the day by the toilet. At least I can watch the Witcher tho.

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