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Fitness Journal – 27th December

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit down in myself lately. Because of the holidays, I haven’t gone to the gym in a week. I was determined to go yesterday, but then I got a migraine. Yesterday, I said that I’ll go today. When today finally comes, I wake up with a cold. It’s very frustrating to have motivation to do things and then have obstacles in the way.

In terms of my diet, I went off of keto for Christmas because I had a little issue on Saturday. The issue was I drank more than I could handle on keto and was sick most of the next day. For those of you who don’t know, keto lowers your alcohol tolerance. So I order to avoid being sick again, I gave it up for Christmas. Boxing Day I did a little better and did some lazy keto so I guess that’s something.

I just feel upset today because now I’m starting to feel like my progress is halting. I want to lose weight the healthiest way possible and I hope I don’t go back to my old ways which involved me restricting what I eat too much.

Thanks for listening guys!

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