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Everyone Has a Voice

Let’s explore the idea of speaking up. Imagine you’re in a situation where you’re being bullied, by a boss or a class mate. You’re afraid to say anything and delve into a deep anxious or depressive state. Why is it so difficult to speak up? What are the effects and possible outcomes?

Firstly, let’s understand why it’s so hard. A simple answer is fear. ‘What happens if I actually say what I want to say?’, ‘What if it becomes worse?’ These are thoughts that often go through someone’s mind when in these types of situation. We often let fear and anxiety hold us back from attempting to make it better because it may get worse. We all go through those tough periods when you have a boss being abusive and for me, I recall being terrified of that she would destroy my chances of a good grade and humiliate me in front of others. That ended up happening anyway. Inability to speak up can be due to a fear of the worst happening. Especially with anxiety, it become survival of the fittest and in this case the fight or flight response takes hold and we often choose to flight. We retreat. However, we cannot expect change to happen unless we make it happen.

A lot of us need to find a voice. It’s down there somewhere. Change is completely possible but it is up to us because they aren’t going to change. In terms of the scenario above, there’s always someone above the boss or the bully. They don’t have complete power, they’re not invincible. For those who haven’t had a situation like that, the time may come when you do. I challenge everyone to just speak up, if something is bothering you, upsetting you and it’s within reason for you to speak, then find your voice. It’s those baby steps. It’s slow. However, eventually the voice inside of you will appear and it will be louder than it ever has been.

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