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Mental Health Progress Isn’t Linear

A lot of people suffer from mental health issues. I for one, have dealt with anxiety and depression. While I’m in a much better place than I was, there are times where I recollect and have intense anxiety due to recent events. One idea that needs to mentally rehearsed is that mental health progress isn’t linear. We will go through periods of happiness and self-confidence and then we will plummet into old thoughts. Even though we fall we always get back up.

Why Do We Return to Negatvitiy?

Bad things will happen and sometimes they bring back the negativity and the feelings we had only just escaped. What we don’t do though is give in to these thoughts and I know that’s difficult. If we give in, the pessimism will return and we could possibly fall back into old ways.

How Do We Escape the Returning Thoughts?

Have a half an hour or an hour feeling like complete shit, then get back up, feel yourself again and remember it’s 2020 and it’s time to transform into a better you. If you want to cry, scream or whatever, do what you need to in order to get back on track. Take the time to stop what you were doing and do what you enjoy. Watch YouTube, Netflix or listen to music. Do whatever you have to in order to take your mind off the negativity. Eventually you will feel better and can go about your day. It’s okay to take time for your mental health.

Thoughts on Linear Progress

You don’t wake up one day and suddenly feel confident and comfortable with yourself. It takes time and a lot of set backs to reach that point. Though at the end of the day, preventing yourself from spiraling into bad thoughts and feelings, you can really open yourself up to a better you. So, don’t think that a step back is a bad thing. Slowly it takes less effort to feel better and eventually, you feel like yourself.

Some Media that Comment Well on Mental Health


Kesha – Kesha has recently gone through a lot of mental trauma and her more recently music really demonstrates that battle with mental health. Some notable songs include; Learn To Let Go, My Own Dance, Raising Hell, Rainbow and Praying.

The Anxiety Anthem – This song by Mabel expressed how it’s okay not to be okay, explaining how we have moments where we feel like shit, however; we get back up. I used to listen to this song a lot when I was suffering from panic attacks on a daily basis.


Disney movies – They are aimed at children and have fantastic messages at times. Especially Frozen 2 and Moana comment really well on mental health. I recommend watching them as it really helped me in dark times.

Black Mirror – This show comments very well on society and can be quite helpful in letting you understand the issues that aren’t your fault. I don’t have any specific ones because I find the messages in most episodes are amazing.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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