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4 Lessons Learned at University

University can be a fantastic experience that enables you to meet new friends, explore your character and open you up to a number of opportunities. However, University has downsides as well that you need to experience to allow yourself to grow an develop. Here is a list of the some of the lessons that I’ve learned throughout my years studying, I hope others can draw parallels with their own experiences.

Grades Aren’t Everything

Everyone gets a grade they aren’t satisfied with. An idea that took me a while to realise is that people tend to not fulfil their potential at times because it’s hard to manage study, a job, hobbies and mental health. It’s incredibly difficult to get your desired grades on top of all those responsibilities and obtaining less doesn’t make you a failure. You were able achieve your best at that moment in time, you still worked hard regardless and you should be proud of that.

Even if you fail, or barely pass there are always alternative paths to your career options. Sometimes you just need to take the longer path and that’s okay because if you really want to get somewhere you will.

There’s Opportunities Everywhere

One door closes and another will open. Sometimes you won’t get that internship and that’s okay because another opportunity will come along. It may take time but most of the time, something better will come along.

You’re Not Going to Automatically Find Your Calling

I went into University thinking I’m going to love my course and find my calling. That didn’t happen. The work load at University was intense and then I had practicals as well, I didn’t enjoy studying science (which I love). What really keeps you going though is the end goal. As long as you remember what made you choose that career path you will be motivated to keep going. Although in saying that, do work experience in your field and find out if its truely a career you think you’ll enjoy on a daily basis. Explore other options as well because you never know where you passions entirely lie.

Making Friends May Be Difficult

Sometimes you make a friend in a class, then you don’t see them for a month. University works in strange ways. One of the things I was really excited about before starting University was making really good friends. That didn’t happen until the middle of second year. I’m not saying that you won’t, but it may take time. Add people on facebook, make friends with your project group because you never know where it will lead.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope these lessons can resonate with others, as well as help new University students.

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