The Sinking Peace

I shut my eyes.

The world is dark but I keep walking

I search for peace and light

I’ve been walking so long.

When will I find it?

I finally found a lake.

Large mountains surround it

It’s eerily calm and quiet

The sun is setting

I see it’s reflection on the water

I sit down in awe.

Oh look there’s a stepping stone!

And there’s another ahead!

Maybe it will hold my weight

All I can do is try!

I step onto the stone.

So far so good…

I step onto another!

Ahead of me more appear

I keep going,

I’m far from the shore…

It’s beautiful

I’ve reached the centre of the lake

I can’t help but smile

The stone suddenly sinks.

I panic

I hold my breath

I can’t breathe

I’m thrashing

Something keeps pulling me down

There’s a knot in my throat

I need to give in and breathe but I will drown

Instinct takes over

I gasp for breath

To my surprise I can breathe!

I am alive

The sun sends rays through the water

I look up at the light

I may be alive,

But I am sinking into darkness.

I keep getting pulled down

I can’t see what it is

I wake up gasping for air

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