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Organising My Life

Hi everyone,

It’s 3am and I have realised I have been in rut for the past two weeks. All I do lately is play video games and I don’t think that’s healthy. Now at 3am, for some reason I have decided it would be the best time to organise everything so I can be as mentally prepared for productiveness tomorrow. So, how am I going to organise everything? How am I going to get into a productive mindset?

Writing Down A To Do List For Tomorrow

I created a bullet journal and it is being used very poorly at the moment. I am basically going to plan out all my tasks the day before and leave the bullet journal open in plain view so I do not ignore it. I find if things are directly in front of me I will just ignore them, therefore; it is going on my desk where I first sit in the morning.

Developing A Morning Routine

My morning routines are non-existent and I wake up at like 1pm these days, since I haven’t started uni again. So, my morning routine or should I say wake up routine is poor. Basically I am going to put the tasks I want to get out of the way in the morning such as, workouts and reading. From there I will march over to my desk and not play videogames.

‘How are you going to maintain this morning routine?’ I hear the voice inside my head asking me. Well, I tried downloading the app Fabulous but it wanted me to pay and I like motivational messages as much as the next person but I’m not paying $64 a year. I could use my bullet journal, though I need something to bombard me with notifications so I actually do my morning routine. After searching for that perfect app, I found ShineDay which is half in Chinese but it looks really cute and that’s what matters. One of the pre selected habits was ‘take an egg’ and I have no idea what that means but I love it. Eggs are now part of my morning routine.

I am not sure how effective habit tracking will be as I tend to give up on it. I am however, optimistic because the tasks I set don’t stray too far from activities I do during the day.

Timing My Tasks

Instead of writing what I need to do, I am going to spend say an hour on a certain task. That way I don’t feel like I am taking on too much work. I do have quite a lot of tasks I want to complete which makes me feel overwhelmed and then I just procrastinate. So, if you’re like me and easily procrastinate, I recommend doing this. After completing all my tasks, then allow yourself leisure time. The app I use to time my tasks is called Tree and it allows you to plant a virtual tree for every hour you focus, its great.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope some of you can resonate with my experience of being in a rut. I personally find these methods work for me, hopefully they can work for you too!

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