Saying Goodbye

It’s hard…

Hard to imagine you gone.

All my life you were consistently there.

Your smile…your voice…

Then you were snatched away

Am I being selfish?

Was it really your time? Or were you cruelty taken from this earth?

The world you survived for so long

Does it matter though?

If I believe what I truely believe than I know you are in a far better place…

A place where the cruelties of this world are absent.

A place where you can finally be at home.

I am selfish for wanting you in this lesser place.

No matter what, I will miss you and dream of the day we are reunited.

The day where we are both in a world where we, together; are free and happy

Life is short.

No one knows if the end is really the end

Don’t wait until then to find happiness

Find it in life not death,

Because this is where time is limited.

Death is eternity.

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