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March Reading List

Recently, I have been trying to read on a daily basis and while I have been able to achieve that, I have only been reading Harry Potter. I am currently up to book four, which is pretty good since I went from one book a year to three. Despite this, I want to expand and read different genres because books contain great insight into the world and every book offers something different.

In order to make sure I try to read more variety, I am going to share my reading list for March and hopefully at the end of the month – there will be book reviews. Since the four books on my nightstand are quite lengthy, I am going to aim for three, so here they are:


This book was on my January reading list and it just didn’t happen. However, I am determined to get it finished even if it kills me. My issue with reading this book is that I watch a lot of informational videos and documentaries, therefore, I have heard some of this information before. Regardless, I will give it my best shot as I find it explains a lot about society which I find interesting.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

I am ready to get into this book because I loved the Prison of Azkaban. I enjoyed the first two books a lot, though it didn’t pick up for me until the third. For me, I really love the world building more than the actual writing and storytelling because the all the books are just a vibe. Prisoner of Azkaban changed that because I thoroughly enjoyed that story and cannot wait for the rest of them.


This book is quite different to any book I’ve ever read. It tells the story in the form of case files. I don’t know much about the story currently, though it is described as a mix of ‘space opera, romance, zombies, hackers and political thrills’, and of course this is right up my alley.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope to share my thoughts on the books.

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