Fan Art – Animal Crossing

Drawing or doodling is quite a therapeutic activity that allows the creative juices to flow. When stressed, anxious or depressed, it can calm you and be an emotional outlet. In this post I wanted to share some fan art I created that is based on the game Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is a game that is simplistic and beautiful. Basically, you become mayor of a town with zero mayoring experience, then get forced into debt and have to pay it off by catching fish, bugs and harvesting fruit. It’s a game that truely allows you to enjoy the simple things in life and with New Horizons coming out this Friday, everyone is ecstatic.

I decided to draw some digital art because Animal Crossing is was a game that I could get lost in and escape reality. With the new game coming out, it was a way for me to say goodbye to the old game and welcome the new. While I am still attempting to find my digital art style, this allowed me to let my creativity flow and I am excited to share it.

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