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Working From Home

Over the past few weeks, more people have had to go into self isolation to avoid COVID-19. Australia is starting to take the same precautions and this might be a possibility in the near future. So far, we have closed all non-essential services in an attempt to slow the virus, but even so there a fewer and fewer people on the streets.

With more people starting to work from home, I wanted to share some tips to ensure productivity. I have been working/studying from home for most of my uni life and I understand how difficult it can be to focus.

Tips for Working at Home

  • Get ready for the day as you would normally – Get dressed and maybe put some makeup on. Do whatever it takes to get you into that working mindset.
  • Start the day off with something you enjoy – Going straight into working can deter you from being productive because you went into a boring activity immediately at the beginning of your day.
  • Make rules for phone checking – for example; you have to leave your workspace to check your phone. Creating this rule means you won’t scroll through your phone and distract yourself. You may even be too lazy to get up, so you continue to work.
  • Listen to soundtracks or music that won’t distract your brain – I know if I listen to audio with words then my brain will focus on that rather than the work.
  • Have lots of natural lighting – natural lighting is good so your eyes don’t strain.
  • Make your environment cozy – light a candle, make some tea, get a warm blanket or anything that makes you feel cozy and comfortable.

Those were some tips for working at home. I hope you all got something valuable from them.

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