It’s Okay To Be Emotional

We tend to hide our emotions from others in order to protect ourselves. But there’s nothing wrong with being emotional. It’s completely healthy to express your emotions, it’s just all about control. If you control your emotions, it will help in approaching difficult situations and allow you to take a logical action.

Why Is It Okay To Be Emtional?

Emotions are there for a reason. They warn us of danger and let us know what situations and people are good for us, as well as those that aren’t. Through doing so, we are able to live better lives and become better people. Emotions are a good thing, therefore it’s okay to express them. The only time they are bad is when they become toxic.

Toxic emotions arise when we make poor decisions that effect us and others. Through this negative outcomes emerge and we can go into a spiral of bad choices.

How Do We Control Our Emotions?

Step back, and think if the decision you’re making in a difficult situation is rational. View the scenario from multiple viewpoints and determine what course of action is best. If the situation doesn’t work out, reflect on it and learn how to handle it next time, but don’t dwell on it. Dwelling on bad memories only leads to negativity.

Meditation may also help, it’s certainly not for everyone, though it’s worth giving it a go. Through meditation you can learn to have more control over your mind and how to focus in different situations rather than letting your emotions burst.

Though it may be hard, it takes a lot of mental power to put these into practice and at the end of the day, it’s worth it. Hopefully you all enjoyed this post and got something out of it, thanks for reading!

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