Here’s a quick short story, hope you enjoy it!

When we look in the mirror, our reflection stares back. It is up to us to perceive its beauty and it’s very easy to allow the flaws to outshine everything else. Yet mirrors only show physical beauty. For me, it’s different, when I look at my reflection, it shows what’s inside of me.

I don’t know when I started to notice it. slowly, as I started to get older, I could see my reflection becoming more grotesque and sickly. First, my skin started to become increasingly pale and eventually it began flaking on my face, then arms. I just dismissed the strange pale colour I had become, thinking it was the lighting in the bathrooms. The flaking I couldn’t explain however, when I looked at my arms, my skin appeared to have no irregularities. I thought it was strange, yet I just assumed I was seeing things. That was until I could no longer ignore it.

It became disgustingly noticeable. My skin had apparently started to flake all over my body in my reflection. Still, there was nothing out of the ordinary on my actual skin. So, I did what any adolescent would do, I was scared and thought there must be something wrong with me. I hid it and went about the next two years never staring directly in the mirror out of fear of my reflection.

That was until I accidentally caught a glimpse of my reflection in the eye one day. Usually I kept my head down, usually I wouldn’t look at windows or any reflective surface. But that day, some bullies were shoving me around and that was when I saw it in a puddle. The pale skin had turned grey, the flakiness seemed to remove a layer of skin to reveal a leather like texture and the eyes… they are what haunted me the most. The eyes looked hollow. Not as in there was nothing there, they were as if there was no life in them. They were glassy and bore deep into my soul.

In that moment I screamed a bloodcurdling shriek. The bullies stopped. Looked at what I was staring at, confused. They brushed me off and walked away. That was when I realised, only I could see it. I had hidden my face behind a hoodie for two years and for what?

I didn’t know why my reflection was like that. It puzzled me for months. Then I realised, it shows me who I am inside. It puts the death of hopes and dreams, the death of my childhood oh full display. It’s a reflection of every shitty moment in my life and a reminder. It’s a curse.

It’s been ten years. I still see it, everyday. I’m not afraid of it, well I wasn’t, but then it started moving on it’s own. I don’t know why it has this power, maybe it’s the ten years of bullshit people have forced me to put up with. It’s built up now and it’s going to continue building. I don’t know what’s next, but I have an idea. My reflection wants to escape, it wants revenge. If things keep going the way they are… my reflection just might get what it wants.

So, just a warning. Don’t let everything people do eat you up inside. You never know when you won’t recognise yourself in the mirror anymore.

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