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Tips to Resolve Insomnia

As someone who has suffered anxiety, I have felt with insomnia quite frequently. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed for hours, alone with your thoughts, not able to sleep. Now, these tips may be a little different to lying in bed and counting sheep or telling a story, but they worked for me. Hopefully you can take something away from this post!

  • Get up. Yep if you have anxiety induced insomnia, don’t continue to lie down stuck with your thoughts. Your mind will keep cycling all those embarrassing moments.
  • Go on your phone, watch a video, browse your favourite social media platform (if this calms you).
  • Read a book. If you enjoy reading rather than go on your phone read a book, it might help calm you down.
  • Eat something. Yes, eating late at night isn’t the best idea. However sometimes it’s needed, especially if you find comfort in food. I’m not saying binge on a lot but have a small snack to help you feel better.
  • CBD oil. While I haven’t tried it myself because it’s illegal in Australia (I think), I’ve heard about it’s therapeutic effect on anxiety. LifesfineWhine made a great post that shared the effects of it. This post actually inspired me to make this post!
  • Do whatever you chose until you feel more relaxed or pass out from exhaustion. Really any sleep is better than no sleep, so do what’s necessary.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you got something out of this post.

3 thoughts on “Tips to Resolve Insomnia

  1. Great post! I’m glad my post inspired this one because these are all great tips. The one about not lying down and letting anxiety get the best of you is probably the best one because when I used to have insomnia I had that exact problem and I would let my brain kind of run free which in retrospect was a bad idea.

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