The Stars

When I look up at the night sky,

I see the past

Light from millions… possibly billions of years ago

There’s beauty in it, but there’s also sadness

Why is it beautiful?

It’s a relic

We can see light from an age we have only read about

Light from a time that our ancestors looked up at those same stars,

Watching in awe.

Then there’s the existential dread that hits

The universe is large

And we are a minuscule dot

Smaller than an atom in contrast to everything bigger

And the time we spend on earth is a fraction of a second in the timeline of the universe

Yet, something gives me hope

Life is rare

We don’t know if it’s out there

Our little planet gave us life

With it’s perfect conditions

In a universe so vast and inhospitable

Was it purely by chance?

Who knows, but we’re here and we did well

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