R U OK? Day Poem

Trigger warning: Some of the words in this poem can imply suicide. It’s up to your own interpretation, however please be cautious.

I’m waiting,

For someone to notice.

Each day is growing harder,

Each breath becoming a gasp.

The perfect storm is in my head,

Yet, my words are obslete.

How much longer will I endure?

I’m counting down the days,

Until my mind is at peace.

I don’t know how or when the storm inside will subside.

But exhaustion has set in,

Every movement agony.

How much more can I take?

I’m so afraid,

Of what I am capable of,

And the consequences of trusting others.

The world is cruel.

All I can do is wait and see,

If someone can pull the words out of me.

By reaching out,

To ask me,

‘R U OK?’

Mental health is incredibly important and having struggled in the past, I wanted to write a poem for R U OK? day. There have been many times in the past which I wish I could’ve been asked that and I know there are people out there who need to be asked that right now. I try to make my blog a safespace for self-expression of my own thoughts through poetry because it helps with my healing, but it also helps others to know they’re not alone. If anyone needs to talk right now, my inbox is always open!

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