Why do you strive for such power?

What’s the cost?

I ask myself these questions every day.

Is it worth the hurt?

The pain?

The suffering you cause,

Stepping all over others to rise above?

Why is it necessary?

Seriously…please tell me.

I beg you.

Because this has gone on long enough.

We are no longer cave men,

Fighting for survival.

Or animals doing the same.

We like to see ourselves as so much mightier.

Because we’ve come so far.

Than the way we were,

And our animal counterparts.

But we are so wrong.

How are we any different if we continue to give into these anger fuelled animalistic traits?

The traits that make us step over others.

By all means, achieve!

But don’t do it in such a way,

That you break people down to get so high.

We are all human.

And we more or less strive for the same thing,

To just be happy.

So, answer me one more question.

How do you sleep at night?

Knowing all the backs you’ve trodden on to get there.

Because I could never do that,

No matter how much I’m stepped on.

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