The Climbing COVID Cases

Well, the United States has recorded 121,000 cases just in time for the announcement of their new president. I’m hoping that Biden will be elected and looking at the results it does seem that way. To any American followers out there, I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry you all have to go through this. It’s the governments role to put whatever policies in place to keep their citizens safe and it was quite clear that Trump and his supporters only had the Economy in mind.

COVID is an incredibly infectious disease and it has already demonstrated that it can cause lasting effects months down the line. We don’t know what effects it can cause in the years to follow and that’s why it is incredibly dangerous. If people keep having the mentality that this disease is a conspiracy or that they won’t die if they catch it because they aren’t in the categories at risk – the numbers will continue to rise. I get that masks are uncomfortable but it’s very selfish to put the comfort of oneself above the health of others, especially if it means life or death for them.

I’ve only heard about actions that Biden will take to reduce the case numbers and I sincerely hope he gets in. I’m from Melbourne, australia where our premier put the entire state in a harsh lockdown for 3 months and made masks compulsory in order to get the cases down to zero. All people did was complain about their rights being taken away from them. I can very much see America doing the same if Biden is elected and he puts similar rules in place. I’m not sure whether people of the public will change their minds. For us, there were harsh fines in place if the rules were broken and it was effective. But I can not even begin to imagine trying to lower a case number as high as this. The highest we reached was around 700 cases daily.

The results should be in soon hopefully and most of the world is watching with fingers crossed that Biden is elected. Here’s my favourite tweet of the day to reduce the stress of the election. It definitey brought a smile to my face, I hope it does for you too!


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