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Language Journal – Reflecting

Hey everyone,

I’m currently learning Japanese and I’ve been learning it for almost 3 years. Learning Japanese has been a journey that’s required a lot of determination and at times I have really lacked that. Hopefully through posting on my blog I can find and share my inspiration.

Over the last year I lost a lot of motivation because of events that went on in my life. I found myself in Japan and realised I had forgotten how to converse in Japanese. Practice makes perfect and I did not practice. It was really upsetting watching my hard work diminish. So I’m going to reflect a bit on why I started and chose the language I’m learning.

Why Did I Want to Learn a Language?

The ability to communicate with others in your target language is incredibly satisfying. It opens the world to new friends and allows you to experience culture in a completely different way. I absolutely love being able to pick up words in anime and even when walking down the street.

How did I Choose a Language?

I picked one based on what I liked. For me it was anime and Japanese food. I also love Korean dramas so I am going to start working on Korean. From experience, if you don’t choose one that relates to what you like, you won’t have motivation to learn it. I tried learning Italian and I had no motivation because there was nothing to connect me to the language. My grandparents were Italian and they died before I was at a point in my life where I would be determined enough to learn a another language. I’m really disappointed in myself because of it, I would’ve loved to see how happy they would be when I tried to communicate with them in their native language. I hope one day I can find my connection to Italy again but until then I will focus on the languages I do have interests in.

My Study Plan

I have struggled a LOT with having a consistent study plan. I am really struggling with focusing on areas other than vocabulary. So I’m working on implementing listening and grammar study as well. I have started creating notes for each lesson but I am having very little success with listening skills because I find listening boring.

I’m also thinking about setting a specific time of day for language learning. So far it has been quite passive and just at whatever time I feel. Implementing a specific time should aid in more focused study.

I would appreciate any tips and tricks for learning a language so comment below if you have any. I will continue to write these kind of posts as I need to keep a record my journey through Japanese and hopefully Korean.