All you do is hurt

The laughter and love is gone.

Yet, she stays.

Mentally, I have left.

I know the consequences of being around him.

But you simply ignore it.

When will enough be enough?

What is left for him to take from you?

… your children?

He couldn’t possibly take that.

We’ve seen and felt the abuse.

So, tell me why… why are we still here?

Trapped in a vicious cycle.

In a war.

I hope for the day we aren’t on a metaphorical battlefield,

Where a war rages on for what seems like an eternity.

If either side moves an inch, all hell breaks loose.

The arsenal is equally matched.

We will forever be at a stalemate,

Until one side either falls or endures enough hits to come out victorious.

The question is will that day ever come?

It pains me to say it but no.

Wars are only ever won when there’s death,

The last man standing comes out victorious.

It’s such a pity you choose to spend your life on the battle front,

Against your will…

I hope one day we can be free,




I’m cold

Not outside, but in

I cannot feel anyone’s warmth

There’s no love or support to envelope me

Only emptiness and ice remains

Please, someone hold my hand

I need attention

My fears are too strong

Anxiety is growing.

Validate my feelings,

It can help set me free.

Now that someone’s here,

I’m no longer cold and empty,

It’s been replaced by warmth.

Thank you for the validation,

I don’t feel so alone anymore.



I can see the stars,

Shining bright up above.

They look down on me smiling.

I don’t know when it happened,

But now I’m just as bright as them

I can feel the light exploding from me

My creativity is free

It’s going to end soon,

This new found light

But it’s okay.

I made something beauitful

And…when I look up at the sky,

I am reminded that I can shine as bright as them


What’s Left?

I feel deserted

Like I’ve fucked up so much.

Somehow it was all my fault,

Because it couldn’t be helped.

Because it’s a great life lesson.

Abuse is abuse

There’s no reward from it,

No lesson to learn, no right to make excuses for an abuser.

While they have everything,

I’m on the floor broken.

And now, I’m down here thinking ‘what’s left?’

‘…What’s left of me?’

Slowly, I pull myself from the floor,


That I have my strength,

My fire and passion for life.

I know myself, I know who I want to be.

And no one can ever take that away from me.

One of the last sentences you said was,

‘I hope you survived’

I didn’t just survive.

I flourished into a person you could never be.

So, what’s left?

There’s so much.



I often watch myself in the mirror

Trying to see beauty

A face that reflects my heart and my soul

Yet, I can never see it

Am I not beautiful inside?

My image stares back

Not me, but a reflection

She looks like me… and moves like me

But she looks empty inside

There’s no depth there

Maybe thats why I cannot see the beauty

Slowly she’s getting less empty

Filling up with shining light

It’s slow but it’s steady,

I can see it!

She’s beautiful

All it took was for me to see beauty in myself

I was searching without trying…

Trying to love… myself


Time Pauses For No One

Let me freeze this moment, please?

My future is fuzzy

It’s hard to see

I think there are shadows lurking

I’m safe in this moment,

Where my world transparent.

No monsters are lurking,

Shadows are absent.

The universe cannot hear my pleas,

They continue to go unanswered,

The path of uncertainty approaches,

Why won’t you stop time?

Please? For me?

I speak to the universe as if I am special.

As if time should only stop for me.

Everyone is scared.

Life is uncertain.

But it’s a journey we must take,

And times will be tough

“But you will blossom”,

I can hear the universe whispering to me.



I thought it was really going to happen this time.

The universe was on my side

I could see my dream,

Drawn by the stars,

Spelled out by the gushing winds

The universe was telling me something

Yet, I never realised…

Never realised it was drawn by the stars,

Because my dream was too big.

Spelled out by the gushing winds,

Because my dream was too loud.

The universe was warning me

‘Don’t pursue it.’

‘You’re a speck of dust in this eternal vacuum of time and space.’

I was deluded.



Sometimes our voices feel small

We are drowned out by the world around us

Never having our feelings heard

Then, one small voice grows louder

Someone starts to hear

Now, there’s another voice

It can be heard

Their thoughts and opinions no longer drowned out

Everyone’s voice is now growing louder

No one is left unheard

We all see a problem

An issue that we have to yell to have heard and be seen

That’s not good enough

We will keep yelling,

Until something is done

Then, we can be silent.

Only when we live in a world where the colour of your skin is irrelevant,

And everyone truely is equal.