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Falling Asleep

I’m afraid to sleep.

No…wait I’m afraid to try and fall asleep…

I close my eyes but there’s no darkness

There’s no light… there’s only shadows

The shadows dance around demonically

I can’t quite make out what they are

Are they people?

They look like people

Do I know them?

If I lay here with my eyes closed long enough, maybe I can find out…

They’re becoming clearer

Oh, all of the shadow figures look the same

No wait! There’s one small shadow in the centre

It’s the smallest of them all

It seems trapped

Poor thing can’t seem to escape them

The rest of the shadows are pointing at the small one, laughing…

I can’t do anything to help

All I can do is watch

They’re all becoming clearer

Hey! I recognise that one!

And that one!

They’re all clear as day except the small one

Who is it?

Oh! She has short hair!

Who do I know with short hair?

She’s a bit on the chubby side…

Who am I looking at?

Her face is becoming clearer…

Almost there…

Oh. it’s me.