Book Corner – Lessons Learned from The Order of the Phoenix

This post isn’t going to be on the book as much per sae. I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the rest of the Harry Potter series, however; one character stood out to me, Dumbledore. So, I’m going to discuss why because it almost brought a tear to my eye, and I don’t cry over books.

It wasn’t until the end of the book that we finally got a glimpse into the kind of character Dumbledore is and he is one I really admire.

At the end of the book, after losing his godfather, Harry was distraught, angry and just in a horrible mental state. He was yelling, smashing things and being destructive in Dumbledores office. Yet, Dumbledore showed no objection, he merrily let Harry let it out and listened. I want to discuss a bit about this. Throughout the book Harry was being toxic to his friends because he repressed a lot of his emotions. Finally it came out and by offering Harry a safe place to yell, scream and smash things was the best possible way Dumbledore could’ve reacted to this scenario.

Now, I’m not saying smash things, at least not anything that is valuable. What I am saying is that allowing someone to let it out and free themselves from repressed anger is an amazing thing to do. Not casting blame on them, or offering excuses and listening. I really admired this about Dumbledore, because in no way did he try to repress or down play Harry’s feelings and instead provided an outlet.

Then, when Dumbledore was discussing why the house elf lied to Harry about Sirius (Harry’s godfather), ultimately leading to Sirius’s demise, he explained his motives again never casting blame. Dumbledore is incredibly good at understanding the reason behind why people do the things they do. He understood the mistreatment of the house elf by Sirius and how it could’ve effected their behaviour. But he also understood that Sirius’s mistreatment arose due to a belief that house elves are slaves in Wizarding society. He didn’t show blame on one or the other, he simply stated both sides of the story to allow Harry to make his judgement as to whether he blamed the house elf. For me, presenting the story in two ways allows me to understand to a greater extent. Even more, he didn’t show which side he blamed for Sirius’s death, he did understand that the house elf had been treated poorly by Sirius, but he didn’t show whose side he took. Albeit, in some situations it’s incredibly obvious which side you should take (ones support human rights) and I am referring to the cause of Sirius’s death but he allowed Harry to draw his own conclusions and to decide whether he blamed the house elf or not. Doing this doesn’t guilt trip someone into coming to a certain conclusion. And that is why I admire Dumbledore in this book, he showed how to react when someone reaches out to you and how to see a situation; from both sides of a story.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post was somewhat thought provoking. I really enjoy books that have a fantastic story and message so if anyone has an idea as to what book I should read next, let me know!

Winter is Here

Snow falls

A blanket covers the earth

Most life becomes calm and still.

Yet, there’s still life that flourishes in the harshest of times

Through eons of adaptations.

It takes time to get used to something new

I once expected to wake up and be a new person

This thinking was wrong as progress is slow

Life is long

Take your time

Adapt and become beautiful in the harshest times.

The Stars

When I look up at the night sky,

I see the past

Light from millions… possibly billions of years ago

There’s beauty in it, but there’s also sadness

Why is it beautiful?

It’s a relic

We can see light from an age we have only read about

Light from a time that our ancestors looked up at those same stars,

Watching in awe.

Then there’s the existential dread that hits

The universe is large

And we are a minuscule dot

Smaller than an atom in contrast to everything bigger

And the time we spend on earth is a fraction of a second in the timeline of the universe

Yet, something gives me hope

Life is rare

We don’t know if it’s out there

Our little planet gave us life

With it’s perfect conditions

In a universe so vast and inhospitable

Was it purely by chance?

Who knows, but we’re here and we did well

Lessons Learned During This Pandemic

We’re in a scary time. There’s lots of panic and fear as tiny virus could potentially make us sick. I want to reflect on some lessons I’ve learned while in quarantine. Some of these will just be general things I’ve learned, others will be mental health related. And let me tell you, isolation can be tough on mental health

  • We weren’t prepared for something as major as this. Humanity is not invincible and this has been a reminder of that. We as a society have been ignoring issues like global warming because it’s always seemed so far in the future. But it’s here now, the effects are already being seen and it’s going to affect everyone.
  • Staying home constantly can drive you stir crazy. Going out for a walk or anything helps counteract this, however you need to see friends and get some sort of social interaction. It helps to talk about anything when you’re stuck at home with the same people.
  • We are overworked for no reason. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that society doesn’t need to always physically go into work. People can work from home and still be productive. Working from home should be optional sometimes, it won’t translate to laziness. A person should be able to work from home for valid reasons. I’d love to see a time where we allocate set days people can stay home.
  • Listen to scientists or medical professionals. I’ve noticed a lot of people have put fear and anxiety ahead of safety. In Australia a big issue is mistrust of the government and while that is understandable, they’re following techniques that have worked in the past to control an outbreak. And at the end of the day, following their guidelines is for your safety and your family. This is purely about the Australia government and their release of an app to track whether you have come into contact with a sick individual. I understand other governments have not been handling the outbreak very well and my country is incredibly lucky to have flattened the curve as well as it did.
  • Panicking will only make things worse. We all experienced the bare supermarkets a few months ago and this was as a result of panic. But also I’ve noticed every time I get hay fever or lately I worry. Even today when my sister had to get tested I had major anxiety, she hadn’t been in contact with anyone yet I still panicked. While panic is normal, I feel like actively telling myself rational things helps and brings me to a more suitable level of panic.

Thanks so much for reading! If there’s any lessons you’ve learned during quarantine I’d love to read them!

Tips to Resolve Insomnia

As someone who has suffered anxiety, I have felt with insomnia quite frequently. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed for hours, alone with your thoughts, not able to sleep. Now, these tips may be a little different to lying in bed and counting sheep or telling a story, but they worked for me. Hopefully you can take something away from this post!

  • Get up. Yep if you have anxiety induced insomnia, don’t continue to lie down stuck with your thoughts. Your mind will keep cycling all those embarrassing moments.
  • Go on your phone, watch a video, browse your favourite social media platform (if this calms you).
  • Read a book. If you enjoy reading rather than go on your phone read a book, it might help calm you down.
  • Eat something. Yes, eating late at night isn’t the best idea. However sometimes it’s needed, especially if you find comfort in food. I’m not saying binge on a lot but have a small snack to help you feel better.
  • CBD oil. While I haven’t tried it myself because it’s illegal in Australia (I think), I’ve heard about it’s therapeutic effect on anxiety. LifesfineWhine made a great post that shared the effects of it. This post actually inspired me to make this post!
  • Do whatever you chose until you feel more relaxed or pass out from exhaustion. Really any sleep is better than no sleep, so do what’s necessary.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you got something out of this post.

I’m an Ant

I must protect those I love.

Be strong

Stare danger the face

No matter what the costs.

How do I do that though?

I feel so small

They make me feel strong

Yet, it doesn’t last long

Then I am back to feeling like an ant

Avoiding people treading on me

My biggest fear

Is that when the time comes,

I will remain an ant

I won’t grow to be powerful

Just remain a small tiny ant.

I See You

I see you



All I can do is ask ‘what’s wrong?’

It’s up to you to share with me

You want to do something

You need a distraction…

But, talking helps as well

Let it out

Don’t keep it in anymore

How can I help?

I see your pain

I see the actions you take to hide it

I can’t make you tell me

All I can do is let you know I’m here and,

That I see you