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Mid 2020 Reflections

It’s finally the second half of the year, and like most people, I’m counting down the months until it ends. Despite this, I’ve learnt and grown a lot this year, so I want to share these lessons in hope others can reflect.

  • Focus on yourself. You can’t please everyone because it’s exhausting, do be kind to others but not at your expense.
  • Forming new habits takes time and energy. You need the willpower to do so and it’s bloody hard. I managed to successfully learn one new habit this year out of the many I’ve tried. It takes time and if you want it bad enough you’ll get there!
  • Fitness and healthy eating go hand in hand, and it also effects your mood significantly. Healthy eating is hard and so is exercising. This pandemic has made it even harder for some to do both, and I think the greatest effect its all had is in my mood. Which is why I’ve started doing little things to stay active and I’m feeling great.
  • I am in control. Everything I want to do is up to me to do it and no one else. Lack of control is scary and we sometimes don’t realise that we are in control. That’s why I remind myself of this every so often.
  • I need to play my part in social and environmental issues. It can’t go ignored anymore because racism is still prevalent and that’s not on. In terms of the environment, there are hundreds of small easy things I can incorporate into my life to increase the chances of a better future. So I’ve learned the small things to do my part. I may not have a loud voice yet but I can still do the little things.
  • The future is scary but it’s not set in stone.
  • Live your life like your the main character. Because you are. No one else is living your life, so go out there and achieve your goals.

These are just a few lessons learned and I’ve found they were greatly influenced by a lot of events that happened this year. While it has been a long and eventful half year, let’s hope the second half is better. And I’d love to hear any lessons you’ve learned this year!


2020 Dream Board

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve decided to create a dream board instead of resolutions. For me resolutions can easily be broken and I need that reminder of what I’m striving for. What is a dream board? Also known as a vision board, it is basically a colleague of pictures to remind and inspire you to complete your goals. So, here it goes:


I’m not saying I’m aiming for this body type but I’m aiming for what this picture represents. I hope to achieve physical strength. I want to be strong and powerful. Looks don’t matter, it’s how you feel.


I want to study smarter again. I used to be good at studying and I want to find that part of me again. I’m starting a PhD so I need to work hard. I also study Japanese as a hobby and hope to finish N4 level by the end of the year. As well as Japanese, I want to study Korean and maybe Spanish in the near future.

Art Meets Business

I enjoy drawing and designing. I am also a struggling student who has very little income. This year I hope to turn my passion for design into a business. I have a few ideas, such as; creating an Etsy shop with stickers or selling prints. I will most likely document it on my blog too and I can’t wait to share my artwork with you all!

Saving Money to Travel

I love travel and I need to save to do it. After I pay off my after pay, I hope to save a $100 a month to get me out of Australia in 2021. I don’t have a destination yet, though I’m thinking somewhere cheap.

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you all have a great 2020. I only recently started my blog and I cannot wait to write all the posts to come.


8 Habits I’m going to Test in 2020

Hi everyone!

It’s almost 2020 and this year I’m working on developing new habits. I’m going to challenge myself to test a new habit for 30 days. I am hoping that I will permanently develop some of them. I won’t be trying them all at the same time as I will become overwhelmed. Here’s the list:

Reading Everyday

I struggle with reading everyday because I tend to do other things like watch Netflix and scroll through Reddit, rather than read. In January I’m going to try and consistently read for 31 days and see if I can adopt that habit. I will read for 30 minutes everyday and try to track it in my bullet journal.

Incorporating Walking into my Lifestyle

I want to walk more. I used to walk everyday. I want to walk everyday again, even for 15 minutes. I also want to reduce my carbon emissions by walking to places within walking distance. No more driving.

Reducing Waste Products

The planet is struggling and I don’t want to be part of it anymore. So I’m going to work on reducing my waste products. This one is going to be particularly hard because I love consumables. I buy clothes and makeup like there is no tomorrow. I don’t know how to solve the shampoo and conditioner issue because they come in bottles. Also where I live there are no zero waste shops. There are some in the more hipster areas but that’s half an hour away.

Creating a Doable Morning Routine.

I can’t do mornings. I hate mornings. I basically want to wake up earlier and get my shit together. I currently wake up at 1pm because it’s holidays. I want to get that to 9am.

Start Meal Prepping Every Sunday

I am going to be starting a PhD, so I’ll have less time to do necessary tasks. I’m going to try meal prepping so I won’t buy food and I can eat healthier. I’m hoping to start in February and see how it goes.

Have a Self Care Day

I need to practice more self care. So I’m going to allocate a day to which I can practice self care. Face masks, doing my nails and just all those self care things. 2020 is the year of loving oneself.

Learn to Tidy

If I haven’t managed to do it by then, I’m going to work on this Habit. I hate tidying and I want my room to be a place that inspires and motivates, therefore; I need to learn. I hope to maybe make Sunday’s my cleaning day. I also want to practice putting

Drink Less

I want to start the decade off by drinking less. Currently, I drink a little too much on weekends and I aiming to be here for a long time, so alcohol needs to be out of the picture.

Thanks everyone for reading the habits I want to form in 2020. I will update on how it’s going and whether it’s doable for me.