The Green Witch

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

Joseph Campbell

I’ve decided to make an art portfolio on this blog. I love to see how my art progresses and I love to make stories up based on the drawings. I drew this during Inktober and the theme was a green witch.

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Today I realised,

Why I love art so much.

It keeps my hands busy,

Matching my mind.

Long ago,

I lost touch with it.

It was years since I drew.

Then recently,

My pen touched the paper.

And it’s movement matched my mind.

Art truely can heal.

It’s calming.

Allowing the pen to flow,

It lets my mind do the same.

Now I remember why I love art.


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Connection Through Art + 100 Followers!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has followed over the past few months. I’m ecstatic that I’ve reached this milestone and I hope to reach many more.

Art is a way to express your creativity. My goal is to finish one digital art piece a week in hopes of improving and finding my style. Why draw though?

Through creating a piece of art you have the ability to connect with whatever you’re drawing. This picture was inspired by Harry Potter, a book series that has helped me through a tough time in my life. Drawing this piece allowed me to connect with it further and capture how I see the book. This the amazing thing about art, you can share how you see the world. And it’s therapeutic to do so, because it’s self expression and you’re sharing it with everybody.

So, I challenge you, draw a picture of something that inspires you or something you have a deep connection to. It doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing, art just has to mean something.


Fan Art – Animal Crossing

Drawing or doodling is quite a therapeutic activity that allows the creative juices to flow. When stressed, anxious or depressed, it can calm you and be an emotional outlet. In this post I wanted to share some fan art I created that is based on the game Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is a game that is simplistic and beautiful. Basically, you become mayor of a town with zero mayoring experience, then get forced into debt and have to pay it off by catching fish, bugs and harvesting fruit. It’s a game that truely allows you to enjoy the simple things in life and with New Horizons coming out this Friday, everyone is ecstatic.

I decided to draw some digital art because Animal Crossing is was a game that I could get lost in and escape reality. With the new game coming out, it was a way for me to say goodbye to the old game and welcome the new. While I am still attempting to find my digital art style, this allowed me to let my creativity flow and I am excited to share it.

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