It’s Okay To Be Emotional

We tend to hide our emotions from others in order to protect ourselves. But there’s nothing wrong with being emotional. It’s completely healthy to express your emotions, it’s just all about control. If you control your emotions, it will help in approaching difficult situations and allow you to take a logical action. Why Is ItContinue reading “It’s Okay To Be Emotional”

Living in the Present

Living in the present opens you up to more positivity in your daily life. Often when bad old memories arise, it can bring anxiety and stress, and this goes for the future as well. At times when we think of our future we are afraid because we don’t know what awaits us, giving rise toContinue reading “Living in the Present”


I need to congratulate you. You did a good job. Achieved your goal. Your moves were so calculated It had to be a plan. You must’ve wanted to leave me lying on the floor… …in a foetal position. You must feel so proud So powerful, so strong You deserve congratulations for stooping so low ForContinue reading “Congratulations”

The Hunt

Hi everyone, this is part one of a short story I have been working on. I hope through writing more narratives, I’ll be able to develop my writing skills. Thanks for reading! I sat there, staring into space, thinking of my next steps, thinking of how to fix this shitty situation I found myself in.Continue reading “The Hunt”


There’s a trend… I downplay my achievements For what? Fear? Anxiety? No. I strive to do more. Wait. Pause. And breathe. You have done so much and come so far. Don’t want what others want for you. All that matters is that you did amazing, celebrate it Shout it from the roof top because yourContinue reading “Proud”


There’s a light engulfing me I see you there and you see me This light isn’t flickering, it’s growing by the second It’s warm and soothing Thank you for helping me discover this… My troubles pain less with this light present Life will never be easy Yet, with your help it’s slightly more bearable IContinue reading “Love”