Fitness Journal – 25th of March

It’s been a while since I did a fitness journal. I really want to start them up again because I gained a lot of motivation from them and I hope others can benefit from them in some way.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. While I haven’t gained weight, I had to stop exercising for a while because I had the flu. It’s hard to get out of that doing nothing mentality. However, now that my country is beginning to go into self isolation because of the virus, I’ve decided it’s time to get back to it.

My routine is going to be Chloe Ting’s workout and going for a daily walk. Since gyms are closed I cannot go so I need to make do with home exercise. I have previously done Chloe’s workouts before and they are fantastic, especially the abs one. I would definitely recommend them. They are quite intense and they hit the spot.

In terms of dieting, I cannot be choosey and continue keto because people keep panic buying everything they can get their hands on. It’s time to eat carbs again. On a side note, this panic buying is honestly ridiculous. There was no protein, eggs or bread at one point and it was incredibly frustrating to go to multiple supermarkets to find something. But yes, time to basically eat what I have. I have been counting calories to ensure I don’t go too much over the daily limit. In saying that if I’m hungry, I am going to eat.

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I look in the mirror

I’m proud of myself

I look good and feel good.

My confidence starts blooming

Though, I need numbers to validate my progress.

It’s not what I expected.

I haven’t made progress, I’m stationary.

It’s a gut wrenching feeling.

Why…why? Am I not making progress.

Is it because I check the numbers everyday?

Yes change doesn’t happen overnight.

But it’s impulse now…

I can’t help it.

I need validation for how I look.

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Your Guide to Tokyo Disneyland

Hi everyone, this post is a continuation of my previous trip to Japan posts. Here is the links to my previous posts about Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

On 7th day of our 10 day holiday in Japan, we headed to Tokyo Disneyland Resort. We decided to stay at the the Okura Resort Hotel as the resorts made it relatively easy to get to the parks. We arrived at the train station, then rode the resort line to the resort. Once arriving at the station, we were able to catch a shuttle bus to the hotel. Each Disneyland resort has a shuttle bus running between the station and the hotel. Both the resort monorail and the shuttle bus were Disney themed and it was adorable.

Had to blur my mother’s face because she wouldn’t appreciate her photo being uploaded.
The shuttle bus that transported us to the hotel.

Just a quick tip. At the hotel resorts you can purchase two or three day passes for the monorail. I recommend buying these to make travelling between the park and resorts easier. After arriving at the hotel, we chilled for around 2 hours because check in was in the afternoon. The resorts I’ve stayed at usually have a pool, a gym, convenience store, a few restaurants to eat at and a wedding planing/receptions. The restaurants are usually quite expensive and the gym/pools need to be paid for. If you have tattoos, you won’t be able to use these pools at the hotels because they have strict rules. However, if you are able to cover them then you should be able to use it.

Once we were finally in the room, it was amazing. The room was huge with proper beds and a huge bathroom. We had been used to sleeping on futons so we were quite happy to be able to sleep on an actual mattress. The channels are pretty limited in the hotel room. There are only Japanese channels which are as expected, so bring your own entertainment. The rest of the day we just chilled awaiting our adventures in Disneyland tomorrow.

The next day we got up bright and early and headed to Disneyland. We arrived at the gates and they checked our bags. After heading in, we were welcomed by a huge Christmas tree in Main Street. First we headed to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which was fantastic. It’s a boat ride through a story that is played out by animatronics. These animatronics looked so much like that characters it was unreal. After the ride we headed to Splash Mountain to get fast passes. I recommend getting fast passes as it cuts the wait time in half. The only issue is it gives you a time slot for when you are supposed to return to ride the ride. This could be anywhere from one hour from the time you got the fast pass to more than five. In order to obtain another fast pass while you’re waiting you need to wait for two hours. We got our fast pass for Splash Mountain and it wasn’t until 5pm so we explored Adventureland and Westernland. In Adventureland, I found a hot apple cider from one of the food stands and though it was sickly sweet, it was great to try. The food stall items change seasonally so this was a Christmas drink. Around the park, different areas also have different food items so be sure to try them all.

Christmas tree in main street.
Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Adventureland was where the Pirate of the Caribbean ride was located, it also has a Jungle Cruise and the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. We explored the tree house then head to Westernland. Westernland is obviously western themed, as well as being home to the Mark Twain River Boat. The boat is American themed and cruises around an American themed western landscape. It’s quite enjoyable to ride.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
Mark Twain River Cruise

Soon the two hours were up and we headed to space mountain to get fast passes for the ride. However, it was closed. I highly suggest you check what’s open on the website so you’re not disappointed like I was because it’s my favourite ride. We were able to ride the Star Wars ride though and that was amazing. Basically, you go into a spaceship and the screen in front of you plays a video and the ship moves with it. I definitely recommend this ride.

Feeling hungry we took a look at the map to find some food. We decided to go with a buffet type restaurant called the Queen of Hearts Dining Hall. We got a dining set which came with a hamburger, mashed potato and soup. We also got dessert in a complementary cup, not going to lie we just wanted it for the cup.

Soon after we went on the It’s a Small World ride and let me just say, the song is as annoying as you think it is. Obviously, it is a kids ride, however, it’s just a ride you need to go on. The puppets are quite cute though, but be warned the song will be stuck in your head for ages. I was walking around the park singing it for the next hour in my head. We also wanted to explore the Cinderella Castle while in Fantasyland, thought this too was closed. It was quite disappointing because this is literally a Disney icon.

Inside the ride was super cute.

We continued to explore the ride a little then headed for Toontown where I saw more cute food. I proceeded to buy the Disney Christmas Bubble Tea drink and a Donald Duck glove steamed bun. I didn’t really enjoy it but it was good fun to try.

Toontown steam bun that had fried chicken inside.

After this we pretty much just explored the park. We were in search for a Cinderella popcorn bucket. Disneyland has popcorn stands with these awesome buckets located throughout the park. Each stand also has different flavours and my personal favourite was curry. Our efforts were futile in finding the desired bucket, as they too change seasonally and all we managed to find was a cool light up Tangled Lantern bucket. Some more notable food we found were the alien mochi ice cream and the a Nightmare Before Christmas hamburger type meal. Let me just say, the alien mochi is worth the hype.

Alien mochi found in Tomorrowland.
Sorry the picture is a bit dark. The hamburger had an edible cheese skull on it with a purple sauce and the dessert is a peach Donald Duck jello.

Soon after dinner we returned to our hotel and took a rest. We decided to go explore the Official Disney Hotel. It is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Everything was highly overpriced so we only were able to get some cocktails and then we returned to our hotel where we relaxed the rest of the night.

Hotel as seen during the day.

Thanks for reading everyone! I have one more Japan travel post so stay tuned.

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Exploring Kyoto

Hey everyone!

This is part 2 of my Japan travel adventure. Check out my Osaka post here. In this post I’m going to be talking about my two days in Kyoto. Kyoto is a gorgeous city which also shows the traditional side of Japan. On our trip we thought we should experience the history of Japan and we did so in Kyoto by participating in a bus tour. I don’t really recommend bus tours if you want to explore the places you’re visiting in depth, however if you’re on a time crunch then definitely give them a go.

On the third day of our trip we travelled to Kyoto from Osaka by train. It wasn’t the bullet train so it took around an hour in comparison to the 15 minutes a bullet train would take. After arriving, we dropped our luggage off at our Airbnb and explored the city around the station. I recommend staying at an Airbnb because they hotels are very expensive in Kyoto. We then headed for the Kyoto sky tower and got the chance to see the whole city. It was incredibly crowded in the sky tower, so if you’re claustrophobic, don’t go up there.

There was writing on the window to display how far away landmarks were.

Surprisingly, in Kyoto, especially near the station, there were these multilevel floors that had classes (cooking, etc) food courts and souvenir shops. I’ve never quite seen anything like it. We came across this store that made fake food and we had a class in the making of fake food. We got the chance to make parfait. They also had candy making classes, cooking classes and kimono rental.

My parfait is the one on the left and the right is the sample. It’s pretty cute, I never knew I needed a memo holder until now.

Afterwards, we headed back to our Airbnb to check in, relax, order some Uber eats. Of course, I can’t go a night without having my 7/11 Suntory whiskey. I love 7/11 in Japan. They have everything anyone could ever need. You could live off the food. After getting a little intoxicated, I wanted to adventure more so we went out to play some pachinko and get ramen from this famous ramen restaurant. Pachinko is an interesting game. It’s very loud and in your face. People also smoke in the game room so be warned. After losing $10, we headed to this famous ramen place. We waited half an hour in the line and this was at 10pm. It’s pretty popular. The ramen was delicious, it was definitely more on the meaty side in terms of the broth. The broth was fantastic, a little under spiced but regardless I wanted more.

This is the name of the ramen shop. My kanji skills aren’t that up to scratch yet so I’m unsure what it’s called. If you can read kanji, please let me know in the comments!
This is the beef ramen. It’s not the most photogenic but it was delicious.

The next day we headed on a bus tour. First we stopped at Nijo-jo castle. It was pretty cool, the floors were called the nightingale floors because they sounded like birds. The whole time I was walking I thought there were birds singing outside until the tour guide said that it was the floors. The story behind the floors is that they were built to make noise in order to prevent assassins from attempting to kill the occupants. Overall, it was a nice, though be warned most historic places you need to remove your shoes. Outside most of these traditional sites, there are little stalls you can buy souvenirs. I always get really caught up in tasting all the free food, it’s great.

The castle wasn’t as big as others, regardless, it was still gorgeous.

The next stop was the Golden Temple. It’s a temple that’s lined with gold and it is a must see. In autumn the leaves go orange and it’s gorgeous to see the golden temple amongst the leaves. The tour guide told us a story about the Golden Temple. Someone attempted to commit suicide by burning down the temple with them inside. They had second thoughts and escaped, though the temple still burned down. The temple we see today is not the original, it has been rebuilt.

This is the Golden Temple. Because it was November, it was too early for all of the leaves to change to that orange colour unfortunately.

After visiting the Golden Temple we stopped and had a traditional Japanese lunch. It consists of pickled vegetables, miso soup, a chicken soup and tempura. The lunch was delicious and after refuelling we headed for the Fushimi Inari Shrine. The shrine consists of the famous 10,000 tori gates. We didn’t climb the whole thing as that would take too long but we went up a quarter of the way. The shrine was guarded by these adorable fox statues which I loved.

The Shrine was packed with people. It wasn’t particularly hard to climb as the stairs weren’t steep, so it’s easy for any fitness level.
The Inari fox. Ft a random man. The fox is believed to possess superior intelligence, long life and magical powers in Japanese folklore.

We also visited a few other places, I cannot remember the name of them for the life of me. However, I do remember the final destination required the bus to navigate through these narrow streets with other tour buses coming in the opposite direction. It was terrifying.

Soon after that we returned to Airbnb and went in search of some food. Incredibly drunk and lacking Japanese skills, my mother and I decided it would be best to eat at a barbecue restaurant that didn’t have an English menu. We ordered the mixed meat and shortly after were informed by the chief using google translate that we had in fact ordered internal organs. Now, we are not internal organ kind of people, as we prefer the more conventional cuts of meat. Well…conventional by western society’s standards. Am I adventurous? Slightly. Although I had whale bacon sushi previously in Osaka and was scarred by that. So I was playing it safe for a while. We then proceeded to order other cuts of meat, we still had no idea what it was but it was amazing. Best meat ever. Better than the Kobe. The Kobe was worth it but this blew it out of the water.

Best meat ever. Nothing can compare.

Thank you all for reading my travel post! I loved to travel and share my adventures. Travelling helps me clear my mind and grow as a person. I hope to write about our time in Tokyo next.

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Fitness Journal – 27th December

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit down in myself lately. Because of the holidays, I haven’t gone to the gym in a week. I was determined to go yesterday, but then I got a migraine. Yesterday, I said that I’ll go today. When today finally comes, I wake up with a cold. It’s very frustrating to have motivation to do things and then have obstacles in the way.

In terms of my diet, I went off of keto for Christmas because I had a little issue on Saturday. The issue was I drank more than I could handle on keto and was sick most of the next day. For those of you who don’t know, keto lowers your alcohol tolerance. So I order to avoid being sick again, I gave it up for Christmas. Boxing Day I did a little better and did some lazy keto so I guess that’s something.

I just feel upset today because now I’m starting to feel like my progress is halting. I want to lose weight the healthiest way possible and I hope I don’t go back to my old ways which involved me restricting what I eat too much.

Thanks for listening guys!

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Fitness Journal – 18th of December

Hey everyone,

A few days ago I wrote a post about my fitness journey throughout my lifetime and my current effort to lose weight. I’m going to start just having a general reflection about my struggles, my motivations and tips and tricks if I discover any, so here it goes…

Starting A New Diet

I started the keto diet on Sunday after a binge eat on Saturday. The previous week I had started to go the gym on a daily basis which I was quite proud of. I was feeling great because I was exercising, yet I would struggle with eating. I ate snacks at night and never felt full. So on Saturday night after a binge eat, I decided enough was enough and went on the keto diet the next day. Up until then, I was trying intermittent fasting but failed at it and snacked during my fasting hours because I was so hungry. I haven’t entirely ditched the intermittent fasting, I just added keto to it and it’s too early to see if it’s working but it’s going well so far.

It’s been four days and so far so good with the keto. I have been mainly eating proteins with salad, cheese and a whole lot of hot sauce. I do miss carbs a little bit, however; there’s this wonderful bread flour substitute called almond meal and it’s fantastic. It brings me so much joy that there is some kind of bread substance that I can eat on keto so I’m quite optimistic.

I have also been tracking my calories to ensure I stay under 1200 calories, it’s not a massive issue if I do go over but it’s my goal for now. Today I almost didn’t track my calories, then I watched blogilaties video about her 90 day weight loss challenge and was then motivated again to continue. Because I was really upset today I almost didn’t track my calories and was prone to binge eating. I managed to refrain from binge eating so I am quite proud of myself.

Hitting the Gym

This week I’ve been quite good with going to the gym. I’m making a lot of progress and have even gone from 40 minutes of cardio to 50 minutes most days. I’m currently doing 30 minutes on the treadmill with an incline of 4 for 10 minutes and then 3 for another 10, then 2 for the remainder. After the treadmill, I use the exercise bike for 20 minutes. I’m a bit worried about the lack of variety when it comes to the cardio I am doing, if anyone has any suggestions please share! I’m also quite happy with my muscle mass currently, therefore I’m mainly just losing weight.

That’s my little update on my fitness progress. There will be weight updates eventually but I’m a bit too afraid to weight myself still. Thank you so much for reading and please if you have any recommendations, comment below.

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My Fitness Journey

Hey everyone,

I’ve decided to start a fitness diary on this blog as well because I want to use it to motivate myself and share my mental and physical process. My blog is very much about mental health and self expression, but mental health also has an affect on physical well-being. As I continue to journey on working through my mental state, I also want to really connect my mind and body, exploring how far my mind will take me on my fitness journey.

My Weight – The Constant Struggle

As a child, I was obese. I am 154cm, so I am fairly short and I have been that way since age 12. Naturally, because I stopped growing at such an early age, I grew sideways. Now, my background is Greek, Italian and German. My genes literally gave me all the curves, like my hips and thighs are as Greek as they get. Greeks are also big eaters, my grandma fed me full meals after school, then I would to eat dinner as well. And at 16 I weighed 100kg. As you could imagine, I lacked self-confidence because of my weight and struggled to be social. I never had a boyfriend and remained within my small group of friends, a social anxiety that haunts me to this day. I wouldn’t say I got bullied that often because of my weight, but I was bullied quite a lot for my lack of self confidence and ability to stand up for myself.

At some point in year 11, I decided enough was enough and started eating less (not necessarily healthier). I didn’t have meals straight after school and if I did I wouldn’t eat dinner. I didn’t start exercising at this point but I was starting to get smaller and smaller. By the end of year 12, I weighed around 80kg.

After high school ended, I limited my meals even more and started going to the gym everyday. The 3 months between the end of high school and start of university, I had lost another 10kg. I continued to exercise and watch what I was eating the rest of the year and managed to get down to 63kg. I then hit a plateau, stopped losing weight and stopped going to the gym. Two years later I weight around 74 kg and I’m ready to finally achieve my goal. I have been too unhealthy the past two years and it’s time to feel myself again.

I have decided not to weigh myself because it is a source of anxiety and knowing me I can become too focused on the numbers. There were times I weighed myself everyday and would gain 1kg from the food I ate the previous day. Seeing my weight increase made me cut out more food and as a result I eventually became micronutrient deficient.

My Battle with Stress Eating

Food is great. I love food, especially the unhealthy food. Chips, fried chicken, pasta, McDonald’s, did I mention chips? When I am stressed, I’m going to eat. I get so much comfort in eating and this past year when I was struggling with my mental health, I binge ate.

My relationship with food has always been pretty rocky. My mother is an Australian Italian and should be cooking amazing Italian food, instead she chooses to cook frozen food. Now, she’s struggled with her weight too so it’s easy to see where my poor nutritional values stem from. As a child, we wouldn’t eat home cooked food often which lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and my issues with weight.

My New Diet

In order to reduce my binge eating, I decided to start the keto diet. I tried it before without exercise and it did help, however; it would’ve more beneficial if I did exercise. Now I’m trying it again, I thought my issues were mostly snacking on carbs and those carbs aren’t going anywhere because my mother buys them like there’s no tomorrow. If I cut out the carbs, I hope to reduce snacking and learn to control my binge eating better.

So far so good. I have been eating a lot of protein and fats, as well as more greens than I have ever eaten. I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate fruits because they are quite carb dense but I’m getting there.

My Everyday Routine

Since I’m on holidays I am not very active. So everyday I pretty much just sit on my bed at home watching tv and practicing my Japanese. Everyday I wake up at 12, go about my day and it’s not until 11pm that I go to the gym. I think I really need to incorporate some walking or just general leaving the house during the day because it’s unhealthy to stay inside so much. Anyway now for my gym routine, I am pretty much just focusing on cardio currently. So mainly the treadmill and the exercise bike is used. I also use the stair climber as a warm up to get ready for some serious cardio. When I feel like I have lost enough weight I will start lifting again.

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any tips please leave a comment xx


A Day In Melbourne – 14th of December

On Saturday I spent the day in Melbourne basically just eating everything I could. My friend and I decided to explore the city, look at the Christmas displays and well…eat. We started at Qv where they had a giant Christmas tree and cute little Christmas displays, definitely a photo op. Qv is food court/resturant complex that has always been very friendly to its customers, even providing free alcoholic beverages on the Saturdays leading up to Christmas. The cute little cocktails were delicious and refreshing, it was great fun to have a little drink. Being summer in Australia around Christmas time, we tend to have cold fruity Christmas drinks and desserts. Even the Egg Nog here is typically drank cold.

After getting some cocktails, we went to the Thai resturant called Son in Law to find some picturesque Pikachu steamed buns. The resturant was very colourful and minimalistic with lots of neon. The steamed buns were interesting…it was bun with no filling that was supposed to be dipped in Nutella. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Nutella but personally it was only worth it for that cute instagram pic. The other food did look delicious, however; we didn’t try it because we were both craving fried chicken so we left it for out next food adventure. While at the resturant we exchanged Christmas gifts and I was given this cute bag full of novelty sort of items such as; wine sweaters and fish bowl cocktail mix. I was so excited to give my friend her Birthday/Christmas present because I brought her a Sleeping Beauty glass rose engraved with her name from DisneyLand, she loved it.

After the Pikachu buns, we went to Bourke Street Mall to see the Harry Potter pop shop they have at Myer. I think the pop up shop opened because the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play is in town (fantastic play). There was lots of cute Harry Potter merchandise that I wish I could have brought to fulfill my dreams of having a Harry Potter themed room, but unfortunately it was very expensive.

After exploring Myer for a bit, we went to eat some Korean Fried Chicken at SamSam Chicken and Beer. The resturant looked like your typical korean resturant and had a great vibe, it felt like I was in Korea. We got watermelon soju which was amazing, if you didn’t read the label, you wouldn’t think it was alcoholic. We also ordered cheese tteokbokki and fried chicken covered in cheese powder. The cheese tteokbokki was delicious, the fried chicken on the other hand I could not eat much of. The fried chicken was covered in a cheese powder that was just way too sweet for my liking, I am a savoury food person.

After eating fried chicken we said goodbye and I went to meet my family. My sister wanted korean barbecue and by that point I was about to give birth to a food baby. But I soldiered on and ate some bulgogi, it did help that I had ordered more soju and well when I drink, I get a bottomless stomach. I got a bit drunk and tried to go to karaoke but no one else wanted to sing so our night ended and I sang karaoke in the car.