I don’t miss you,

In fact, I never want to see you again.

Yet, I feel guilt.

Because I acted irrational,

I was hurt.

My pain caused yours.

Confrontation is scary.

I know it is.

But you cannot go through life,

Thinking you’re always right.

Imagine the hurt you can cause.

I would know,

I experienced it.

Instead of facing your issues,

You snubbed and hoped they would go away.

That just causes more pain.

I apologised.

Yet, you left that apology there,

And didn’t say a single word.

Imagine… for a second…

That you aren’t so entitled,

And that your pain isn’t greater than anyone else’s.


That you saw everyone’s problems as equal to your own,

Without comparisons being made.


Being an adult and learning from your mistakes.

So please…

If you can take anything from the pain you caused me.

Learn from your faults,

Work things out,

Don’t walk away from your problems.



Why do I give everyone my all?

It’s barely ever reciprocated.

Then I’m left here wondering “why?”

“Did I do something?”

“Was I being self-centred?”

These thoughts dance around my brain,

In a never ending waltz.

Will I ever stop blaming myself?

I hope that one day,

I will be capable to letting go,

Of being self-reliant.

Because the reality is,

I give it my all,

Yet I have to talk to a brick wall.


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Inspiring People

Healthy Friendships

Here is my take on a healthy friendship. A healthy friendship consists of mutual respect for each others feelings. If they do something that bothers you or vice versa, it needs to be a friendship where one feels comfortable confronting the other. Otherwise the hurt will continue and it can become toxic.

Recently, I have learned if they don’t want to make the changes or make no effort to reassure your issues then they aren’t worth your time. Friends need to be there for each other and not be toxic. Toxicity can lead to unhappiness in any relationship.

Toxicity can result in bad vibes and general sadness. It stops people from seeing the light in situations and causes them to see the negative.

Don’t let people bring you down, if someone is toxic to you then reevaluate that relationship. In the end, is it worth it?


The Death Of A Friendship

Ask me why I’m pushing you away.

Instead of stating I’ve been distance.

People don’t shut others out unless there is a reason.

Clearly you must know the reason…

Why didn’t you change?

Why continue to show disregard for my feelings?

Do you think it will make me stronger?

Toxicity and lack of respect only weakens

It’s time for me to walk away.

I have changed my behaviour for you.

Yet, you will not do the same

Honesty can only go so far…