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Developing Habits

Developing healthy habits can be difficult task that requires a lot of self-discipline. Throughout January, I set about fulfilling one of my New Years Resolutions, which was to read on a daily basis. I managed to succeed through determination, however; there were some things I did to ensure I was developing the habit successfully. Now, I am two months into the year and have read three books already, this is significantly higher than my previous one book a year.

The Importance Of Having A Habit

A habit is something you do that you enjoy, or something that will allow you to have a happier and more positive life. Incorporating them into your everyday life has numerous benefits for your mental health, as it leaves you feeling fulfilled. Some habits make life easier for you, whereas others allow you to escape the stress of life. Either way, its incredibly important for keeping our mental health stable.

Tips For Habit Forming:

  • Pick a habit you actually want to learn. I know at times I have wanted to develop a habit because I thought I needed to. If you don’t want to do it, you won’t be determined.
  • Create a time of day you always do the habit you want to form. Having a set time helps significantly as it incorporates the habit into your everyday routine, showing you it’s doable to do on a daily basis.
  • Track every time you do the habit. Creating a tracker can be incredibly satisfying and it allows you to see your progress, motivating you to continue.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you skip a day. We all have days where we don’t follow our normal routine and its fine.
  • If you don’t enjoy it once you’ve started it, don’t force yourself to do it as you will be miserable doing it and it will become a chore.

Some Habit Ideas:

  • Reading books or magazines.
  • Drinking a cup of tea before bed.
  • Exercising in the morning before work.
  • Journaling.
  • Writing poems/stories/novel.
  • Go for a walk.

There are numerous habits to develop and it’s up to you to decide which one will have a positive influence on your mental health.

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8 Habits I’m going to Test in 2020

Hi everyone!

It’s almost 2020 and this year I’m working on developing new habits. I’m going to challenge myself to test a new habit for 30 days. I am hoping that I will permanently develop some of them. I won’t be trying them all at the same time as I will become overwhelmed. Here’s the list:

Reading Everyday

I struggle with reading everyday because I tend to do other things like watch Netflix and scroll through Reddit, rather than read. In January I’m going to try and consistently read for 31 days and see if I can adopt that habit. I will read for 30 minutes everyday and try to track it in my bullet journal.

Incorporating Walking into my Lifestyle

I want to walk more. I used to walk everyday. I want to walk everyday again, even for 15 minutes. I also want to reduce my carbon emissions by walking to places within walking distance. No more driving.

Reducing Waste Products

The planet is struggling and I don’t want to be part of it anymore. So I’m going to work on reducing my waste products. This one is going to be particularly hard because I love consumables. I buy clothes and makeup like there is no tomorrow. I don’t know how to solve the shampoo and conditioner issue because they come in bottles. Also where I live there are no zero waste shops. There are some in the more hipster areas but that’s half an hour away.

Creating a Doable Morning Routine.

I can’t do mornings. I hate mornings. I basically want to wake up earlier and get my shit together. I currently wake up at 1pm because it’s holidays. I want to get that to 9am.

Start Meal Prepping Every Sunday

I am going to be starting a PhD, so I’ll have less time to do necessary tasks. I’m going to try meal prepping so I won’t buy food and I can eat healthier. I’m hoping to start in February and see how it goes.

Have a Self Care Day

I need to practice more self care. So I’m going to allocate a day to which I can practice self care. Face masks, doing my nails and just all those self care things. 2020 is the year of loving oneself.

Learn to Tidy

If I haven’t managed to do it by then, I’m going to work on this Habit. I hate tidying and I want my room to be a place that inspires and motivates, therefore; I need to learn. I hope to maybe make Sunday’s my cleaning day. I also want to practice putting

Drink Less

I want to start the decade off by drinking less. Currently, I drink a little too much on weekends and I aiming to be here for a long time, so alcohol needs to be out of the picture.

Thanks everyone for reading the habits I want to form in 2020. I will update on how it’s going and whether it’s doable for me.