Book Corner – Lessons Learned from The Order of the Phoenix

This post isn’t going to be on the book as much per sae. I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the rest of the Harry Potter series, however; one character stood out to me, Dumbledore. So, I’m going to discuss why because it almost brought a tear to my eye, and I don’tContinue reading “Book Corner – Lessons Learned from The Order of the Phoenix”

Connection Through Art + 100 Followers!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has followed over the past few months. I’m ecstatic that I’ve reached this milestone and I hope to reach many more. Art is a way to express your creativity. My goal is to finish one digital art piece a week in hopes of improving and finding my style.Continue reading “Connection Through Art + 100 Followers!”

January Reading List

Hi everyone, This year, I have decided to make reading a habit. Currently I have been attempting to read everyday and although it doesn’t always work out, I am getting there slowly. In order to begin reading I had to make a reading list for the month and there are two books on it. IContinue reading “January Reading List”

Finding Yourself Abroad Pt.1

Hey everyone, This year in November, I went on a trip to Japan. At the time I didn’t have a blog, therefore I wasn’t able to write about my trip. I decided to write about it because travelling can help one find themselves. Experiencing different cultures and lifestyles can aid in finding the next stepContinue reading “Finding Yourself Abroad Pt.1”