Inspiring People

Self Expression

Self expression is important for reflection. In a way it helps the mind to set thoughts and feelings free. The act of writing, drawing, amongst other things helps a person to observe the feeling, emotion or situation. Observing it in another form rather than in your brain is a great way to grasp how oneself sees the pains. I sort of lost my way recently in terms of why I draw and write. It’s easy to become focused on likes and comments. While I love to help others and I’m sure many people do, sometimes we need to remember to focus on ourselves and express our emotions. So, let’s explore ways to express ourselves.


Writing is a great start. Creating a character, a scene or anything for that matter expresses the state of ones mind amazingly. Writing has so much symbolism in it and you can truely tell when someone has felt pain through words. If writing isn’t your thing, reading can definitely help in understanding emotions.

Some examples of amazing literature that show the human condition incredibly well:

  • Wuthering Heights. It shows how one can love someone so much yet still let status and pride guide them.
  • Harry Potter. While this author has been disowned by fans. The writing is great and it demonstrates too many themes to cover.
  • Poetry by Henry Lawson. He was an Australian poet and the imagery he creates in The Water Lily is truely beautiful.
  • Poetry by Rosemary Dobson. Again this poet is Australian and creates fantastic imagery in her poetry.


Drawing, painting or whatever type of art you prefer can help with reflection. It’s creating a story within a usually stagnant piece of work. Art can take hours to do as well so it’s really bringing one back to the art piece and helping them to think. I don’t have any favourite artists so please recommend some to me! I’m always looking for new inspiration.


I previously tried getting into photography and my family as well as some classmates made me feel stupid. Never feel stupid for learning a skill, especially one that creates a scene for you. I’ve started trying to photograph again and it’s really calming to just take photos of things that love and inspire me. I definitely recommend it! Luckily Instagram has made photography accessible, so it’s quite easy to find someone you connect with to inspire you.


Baking is great! The entire process not only gives one time to think but it creates something delicious to enjoy at the end of it. When you bake a cake or make a pie you can also decorate it and I’ve seen some truely amazing decorations. What better way to express yourself than decorating a cake and eating it afterwards!

Your Style

Fashion exists for a reason. It’s self expression. Days when people feel uncomfortable they choose safer clothing. Days when people are happy they tend to put more effort in. Our style is a reflection of who we are and it’s great in terms of positive self expression. So why not dress up and do some photography, it’s amazing to feel good about oneself and express that.

A common theme amongst all these activities listed tends to be creativity and it really does tie in with self expression. So look for inspiration and create for yourself. It’s okay to let others guide you and inspire but don’t compare to others because everyone’s unique in how they express themselves. I know I’ve missed a lot of stuff to try and these are just some I have personally experienced, so let me know, what do you do for self expression?