Fitness Journal – 25th of March

It’s been a while since I did a fitness journal. I really want to start them up again because I gained a lot of motivation from them and I hope others can benefit from them in some way. I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. While I haven’t gained weight, I had toContinue reading “Fitness Journal – 25th of March”

Working From Home

Over the past few weeks, more people have had to go into self isolation to avoid COVID-19. Australia is starting to take the same precautions and this might be a possibility in the near future. So far, we have closed all non-essential services in an attempt to slow the virus, but even so there aContinue reading “Working From Home”

The Outer Worlds And Asexuality

Lately, I have noticed that representation of different cultures, orientations, etc have become more prominent in the media. In my opinion there is still much stereotyping going on, however; it’s good to see that wider representation is happening. This brings me to the topic of this post. Recently, I have been playing the video game,Continue reading “The Outer Worlds And Asexuality”


There’s a trend… I downplay my achievements For what? Fear? Anxiety? No. I strive to do more. Wait. Pause. And breathe. You have done so much and come so far. Don’t want what others want for you. All that matters is that you did amazing, celebrate it Shout it from the roof top because yourContinue reading “Proud”

Creativity Lost

There’s a spark. It’s shining dimly. I can’t stop thinking about it. Everyday the spark is growing It’s getting brighter As if it will be ready to burst at any second! I need to let it out I need people to see it. No wait, there’s doubt… People will laugh… The spark needs to goContinue reading “Creativity Lost”


There’s a light engulfing me I see you there and you see me This light isn’t flickering, it’s growing by the second It’s warm and soothing Thank you for helping me discover this… My troubles pain less with this light present Life will never be easy Yet, with your help it’s slightly more bearable IContinue reading “Love”

A Letter To My Younger Self

Hey there, Life is going to throw a lot of challenges. Some of which, you would never even imagine. There will be much heartache and pain. However, you will get through every minute of it and be a better person at the end of it all. Keep those who treat you right close and don’tContinue reading “A Letter To My Younger Self”

Developing Habits

Developing healthy habits can be difficult task that requires a lot of self-discipline. Throughout January, I set about fulfilling one of my New Years Resolutions, which was to read on a daily basis. I managed to succeed through determination, however; there were some things I did to ensure I was developing the habit successfully. Now,Continue reading “Developing Habits”

The Hunt

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Robert Frost This poem is based on a quote by Robert Frost. Life is cruel. You’re constantly running to keep up with everyone around you It isn’t a marathon nor a race It’s more like a hunt It feels likeContinue reading “The Hunt”

Getting Through A Panic Attack

Your heart is beating out of its chest and you gasp for air, failing every time – this is a panic attack and it’s a terrifying experience. They are often incredibly difficult to overcome, especially if you don’t have the right techniques. In this post, I want to shine light on some of the reasonsContinue reading “Getting Through A Panic Attack”