I came here to work.
  To learn,
  To achieve.
Please don’t make me feel this way,
There’s too many distractions.
So I ask please…stop.
Don’t turn an innocent crush into something more.
I don’t know when it started,
But now I like the attention,
   The flirting,
   The support,
You said you have my back.
   Is that true?
   Why do you?
I couldn't take the thoughts anymore,
   I need to focus.
That’s why I confessed.
Was it self-sabotage?
Rejection hurts but maybe you’ll stop,
   Stop flirting,
   And glancing were my eyes aren’t.
Why do I have to lower myself?
   To hurt myself to stop you?
It didn’t work,
   It built you up.
And now I’m left here.
You said you understood why I had to hear you say it,
    All the while you glanced at my lips.
I wish it would end here.

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Change in View

I see you there

We’ve known each other for so long.

I look back on our long conversations,

Always smiling,

You’re so easy to talk to.

You’re such a good person,

A good friend,

Thank you.

I had a dream last night,

You held me,

Comforted me,

I felt safe.

When I awoke,

I was sad.

Hold me again.

Comfort me again.

Don’t ever leave.

You’re a good person.

I know the exact moment I felt these feelings

Please make them stop.

I feel so close to you,

Yet so far.

I know it’s not mutual,

But still I allow myself to feel,

To go crazy.

I must distance myself from you,

And stop the pain.

It was nice while it lasted.

Thank you.



There’s a light engulfing me

I see you there and you see me

This light isn’t flickering, it’s growing by the second

It’s warm and soothing

Thank you for helping me discover this…

My troubles pain less with this light present

Life will never be easy

Yet, with your help it’s slightly more bearable

I feel wanted and needed


You’re Always There

You have always been there for me

Through thick and thin

I rant to you and you listen

I cry to you and you’re there

You look at me with so much light in your eyes

You’re soft, you’re cuddly

You make me want to boop you’re cute little nose

Don’t get me started on your paws…

I want to hold them because they’re adorable

I love you

I’ve loved you from day one

Like a mother loves a child

You’re full of love and light

And it’s eternal

You’re amazing