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Changing Mindsets

Something I’ve struggled with lately is changing my mindset. I find that my view on something changes in relation to my mental health. For example, when I am struggling with my mental health, the bad things in life become painful, as if the universe is trying to make life harder. In this post I want to explore ways to change mindset and to remind myself, as well as others that shit happens.

Challenger Your Thoughts

Changing mindset is a mental battle and simply telling yourself that the universe isn’t out to get you and bad shit just happens can go a long way. Earlier this year when I felt I wasn’t in control of my actions and was stressed about it. I would tell myself ‘I’m in control’ every time feelings of anxiety arose. Eventually it gets in your head that you are in control and no one around you can truely control you.

I believe this is manifestation in a sense. We can manifest our positive mindsets because we are telling ourselves. If we were to wait for things to go right than we’d be waiting a long time, because life is full of obstacles.

Consume Positive Media

I cannot stress this enough. Today I was watching videos on body transformations and while I have a positive body image currently, seeing these peoples transformation was making me feel the need to step on the scale. I tend to be terrified of the scale and it was having a negative impact so I had to switch it off. Obviously we ourselves define what’s negative media for us, but it can have a profound effect on our mood and mindset.

Walking away from something triggering can be difficult, especially with algorithms always throwing it in our face. Try to avoid it though if you feel particularly vulnerable, because a negative mindset can be exhausting.

Looking back, I think these are the biggest factors in changing my mindset but it’s different for everyone. Every once in a while it’s nice to reflect because everyone does forget what helps them to think more positively.

Thanks for reading!