On Revenge

It can be incredibly easy to desire revenge and even act it out in a fit of anger. It can also be fulfilling to see someone get what they deserve. However, is it worth it in the end? To understand revenge we need to step back and look at evolution. Evolutionary psychologists theorise that revengeContinue reading “On Revenge”

Mental Health Progress Isn’t Linear

A lot of people suffer from mental health issues. I for one, have dealt with anxiety and depression. While I’m in a much better place than I was, there are times where I recollect and have intense anxiety due to recent events. One idea that needs to mentally rehearsed is that mental health progress isn’tContinue reading “Mental Health Progress Isn’t Linear”

Everyone Has a Voice

Let’s explore the idea of speaking up. Imagine you’re in a situation where you’re being bullied, by a boss or a class mate. You’re afraid to say anything and delve into a deep anxious or depressive state. Why is it so difficult to speak up? What are the effects and possible outcomes? Firstly, let’s understandContinue reading “Everyone Has a Voice”

2020 Dream Board

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve decided to create a dream board instead of resolutions. For me resolutions can easily be broken and I need that reminder of what I’m striving for. What is a dream board? Also known as a vision board, it is basically a colleague of pictures to remind and inspire you toContinue reading “2020 Dream Board”

8 Habits I’m going to Test in 2020

Hi everyone! It’s almost 2020 and this year I’m working on developing new habits. I’m going to challenge myself to test a new habit for 30 days. I am hoping that I will permanently develop some of them. I won’t be trying them all at the same time as I will become overwhelmed. Here’s theContinue reading “8 Habits I’m going to Test in 2020”

Lessons Learned in 2019

Hey everyone! 2019 is coming to an end, so it’s time to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned during the year. I am incredibly optimistic that 2020 is going to be a fantastic year and the 2020s is going to be a good decade. So, here it goes: Just because people care, doesn’t mean theyContinue reading “Lessons Learned in 2019”