The circumstances must be the same for everyone.

That’s what makes it fair.

Though that doesn’t take everything into account.

It doesn’t acknowledge the trauma,

The abuse,

And the PTSD a person can and has faced.

It invalidates it.

It tells a person that their struggles shouldn’t effect them,

That everyone has an even chance.

But they don’t.

Anxiety or depression can alter a person.

It can prevent or stop them from succeeding.

So, tell me why it is fair to tell them,

To be fair to others.

When there’s so much pain,

They can’t function without some kind of exception.


Is taking everyone’s situation into account.


Society taught everyone the same thing.

That to be fair,

You must conform to normality,

And ignore the issues that cause it to stray.



I try,

And try,

So, why do I feel as if I come up short?

And, maybe I do.

Maybe….just maybe….

That’s normal.

Opportunities are limited,

And succeeding is rare.

I shouldn’t feel entitled to success.

If anything, I’m entitled to the chance….

The opportunity….


Not everyone has these opportunities I do.

I am privileged.

And so, I should be grateful,

For every single chance I get.

Because there’s others out there,

Who don’t have the options I have.

I am grateful.

If I fail,

I’m allowed to be sad.

What’s forbidden,

Is the expectation of success.

Everyone tries,

And fails.

But, that’s okay.

It makes us work harder,

To be the best we can be.

As humbly as possible.



They say kindness is free.

Sometimes it is.

But what about the mental burden?

The hurt that can come from a single smile.

A smile isn’t kindness,

It’s courtesy, it’s polite.

Kindness is different.

It’s being a considerate,

Not letting your mental health hurt others.

Because I understand,

I’ve been there, I’ve hurt and I’ve caused the pain.

Yet, I grew.

I learned to watch for signs of my own toxicity.

I understand what you’re going through.

But where I draw the line,

Is when your mental health is an excuse.

An excuse to step all over me,

And my feelings.

So, remember,

People can only help you to a certain degree.

If you cause them pain,

They will leave,

And never look back.

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Just Try

It’s incredibly easy,

To be afraid.

Giving up,

Seems like a good idea.

So, why don’t I?

I can turn around,

Never looking back,

Life would be easy.


Also boring.

Why don’t I give up?

Because I want to follow my dreams.

It may be tough,

But the end is in sight.

The ultimate goal.

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My brain won’t shut up,

It’s constantly thinking.

The things I haven’t finished,

Haven’t even started,

Circle in my mind 24/7.

I need peace,

A break.

Life is too much work.

Everything takes too long.

And now,

I can’t breathe.

Is it true?

There’s a balance between work and play?

I highly doubt that.

Life in general feels like work.


Tired Eyes

My eyes are heavy,

Sleep welcomes me.

Yet, why don’t I fall into a peaceful slumber?

The answer is simple.


I fear the thoughts that arise,

In the dark,

Between awake and asleep.

These thoughts circle.

Shouting at me,

That I’m a bad person.

And all I can do is listen.


I’m afraid.

I won’t shut my eyes,

I refuse,

Until exhaustion takes hold of me.


Never Enough

My dreams are too big,

They encompass too much.

I look for joy in what I do,

And sometimes I do find it.

Yet…there’s always something,

Creeping in.

Every time.

Thoughts that tell me,

‘You’re not good enough’,

‘Not a single person cares’.

Does it get to me?


Everything I do,

Is just never enough.

I think two leaps forward,

Instead of steps.


The thoughts subside.

But not until…

my willpower is gone.

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You were always there,



Sometimes I moved too fast.

Time wouldn’t slow down.


I couldn’t give you as much as I wanted to.


That didn’t matter.

You always loved.

A love so pure,

And kind.

It’s hard when a pet passes.

Equally as hard as a human.

They’re there,


Even in death.

A reminder of them lingers.

Because without them,

The world truely is a different place.

Thanks for reading! This poem is dedicated to my cat Taylor who passed away this morning. Our pets are truely a gift and they deserve of every bit of love we can give. Sometimes it’s hard, but in the end they love us unconditionally.


Who Am I?

My morals guide me.

Be kind,

Don’t hurt others,

And the most important,

Be a good person.

These morals are inferior.

They don’t take so many things into account.


Day after day,

These principles guide me.

The result?

I end up at the bottom.

My morals were created by fairy tales,

By organised religion designed to oppress.

I say that,

But is that really so?

Did trauma really have no part?

Hate and anger for the world fuelled me.


I refuse.

And so, when these morals are questioned.

I step back,


‘Who am I?’


Finding a Voice

I’ve never had a voice before.

It took me 22 years to find it.

To realise what I’m fighting for,

To see what’s important.

What is important?

A world without corruption,

With complete and utter equality,

And people who let love in,

Without hurting them because of their own insecurities.

We have so far to go,

But people are speaking up.

Those who never had a voice are,

And it’s beautiful.

We are so sick of oppression,

And the exhaustion from taking it.

But every voice that rises out of the shadows,

Slowly grows louder.

It took me years,

And it will probably take me years more.,

To be loud enough.

I will make sure that everyone hears me.

Because so many of us deserve so much better.

So, if you’re like me.

Trying to find a voice,

I’m incredibly happy for you.

Not proud.

Because you’re not doing it for me.

You’re doing it for you and everyone like you.

Everyone who has felt your pain,

And is struggling to hold on.

I’m happy for you,

And I thank you.


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