Courage is a trait I value most It’s a lion standing strong and tall A powerful creature that has the ability to face any danger I strive to be a lion. To conquer anything life throws at me, Standing chin up showing everyone that I survived. Though, it’s nothing but a dream A dream thatContinue reading “Courage”


I need to congratulate you. You did a good job. Achieved your goal. Your moves were so calculated It had to be a plan. You must’ve wanted to leave me lying on the floor… …in a foetal position. You must feel so proud So powerful, so strong You deserve congratulations for stooping so low ForContinue reading “Congratulations”


There’s a trend… I downplay my achievements For what? Fear? Anxiety? No. I strive to do more. Wait. Pause. And breathe. You have done so much and come so far. Don’t want what others want for you. All that matters is that you did amazing, celebrate it Shout it from the roof top because yourContinue reading “Proud”

Creativity Lost

There’s a spark. It’s shining dimly. I can’t stop thinking about it. Everyday the spark is growing It’s getting brighter As if it will be ready to burst at any second! I need to let it out I need people to see it. No wait, there’s doubt… People will laugh… The spark needs to goContinue reading “Creativity Lost”


There’s a light engulfing me I see you there and you see me This light isn’t flickering, it’s growing by the second It’s warm and soothing Thank you for helping me discover this… My troubles pain less with this light present Life will never be easy Yet, with your help it’s slightly more bearable IContinue reading “Love”

The Water Lily By Henry Lawson

The Water Lily is one of my favourite poems. For me, it captures the death of a loved one perfectly, especially the emotions felt after a miscarriage. Henry Lawson created fantastic imagery in this poem that acts as a metaphor for wanting to join somewhere in death but having to wait. It’s an incredibly powerfulContinue reading “The Water Lily By Henry Lawson”