The Death Of A Friendship

Ask me why I’m pushing you away. Instead of stating I’ve been distance. People don’t shut others out unless there is a reason. Clearly you must know the reason… Why didn’t you change? Why continue to show disregard for my feelings? Do you think it will make me stronger? Toxicity and lack of respect onlyContinue reading “The Death Of A Friendship”

The Hunt

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Robert Frost This poem is based on a quote by Robert Frost. Life is cruel. You’re constantly running to keep up with everyone around you It isn’t a marathon nor a race It’s more like a hunt It feels likeContinue reading “The Hunt”


It isn’t always obvious. It’s a shadow that creeps up behind you, Slapping you multiple times in the face. All at once I didn’t notice the shadow till now. Maybe it was so small that I couldn’t see, or… Or maybe I just chose to ignore it Maybe it was so blatantly obvious to everyContinue reading “Betrayal”

Saying Goodbye

It’s hard… Hard to imagine you gone. All my life you were consistently there. Your smile…your voice… Then you were snatched away Am I being selfish? Was it really your time? Or were you cruelty taken from this earth? The world you survived for so long Does it matter though? If I believe what IContinue reading “Saying Goodbye”


I painted something! It’s gorgeous, some of my best work It’s a dancer, leaping through the air I love it! I need to show someone! “Mum! Mum! Look at my painting!” “Look! Look! Look!” “Isn’t it pretty?” I can’t help but smile, I’m so excited It’s definitely going on the fridge Huh? She doesn’t lookContinue reading “Validation”


I can’t breathe There’s fear…there’s pain… There’s panic… 5 things I can touch, 5 things I can see. List them and breathe. Don’t think about anything else I can touch my blanket…my plush Everything was my fault, everything Stop. Focus. Three more things. My dog…my book…my iPad. That’s wasn’t so hard, see Why was IContinue reading “Panicking”

The Light

There’s finally some light It’s trickling through the gaps The darkness is now filled with outlines It’s been dark for so long I can’t remember the colours There’s no colours yet… Only black and white It’s been a while, since I could see so clearly The light is growing more and more I can’t wait…IContinue reading “The Light”

The Silhouette

Somethings watching. I can’t quite make it out It’s darkness… It’s a silhouette Is it human or animal? It looks like something in between It appears everywhere I’m with friends…it’s there Watching tv…it’s there Never close but never too far I don’t understand why “What do you want?” “Why won’t you let me be free?”Continue reading “The Silhouette”