Change in View

I see you there We’ve known each other for so long. I look back on our long conversations, Always smiling, You’re so easy to talk to. You’re such a good person, A good friend, Thank you. I had a dream last night, You held me, Comforted me, I felt safe. When I awoke, I wasContinue reading “Change in View”


I cannot breathe. I need someone to understand. No wait… I need approval, Of these thoughts and feelings Why does it feel wrong to feel? My chest pulses. My mind races while I wait, Wait for someone to listen, And show their approval. It’s so hard to breathe now. I need to stop searching forContinue reading “Breathless”


I can feel everything, All the pain and heartache, Every moment of torture endured. Yet, all that’s present is emptiness. I thought to be empty was freedom, From emotion, I was wrong. It’s when you’ve felt so much, That every inch of you has been taken, All that’s left is the trauma felt. I amContinue reading “Empty”


All you do is hurt The laughter and love is gone. Yet, she stays. Mentally, I have left. I know the consequences of being around him. But you simply ignore it. When will enough be enough? What is left for him to take from you? … your children? He couldn’t possibly take that. We’ve seenContinue reading “Stalemate”


Time moves so fast, It’s hard to take a breath. Thoughts wander, Negativity sets in, I need to stop and breathe. Distractions don’t allow reflection, They only speed up time. Only one thing helps, Pausing. Stop, Take a breath, Create. Let the words flow. It’s only then the mind can be set free So joinContinue reading “Pause”


I’m cold Not outside, but in I cannot feel anyone’s warmth There’s no love or support to envelope me Only emptiness and ice remains Please, someone hold my hand I need attention My fears are too strong Anxiety is growing. Validate my feelings, It can help set me free. Now that someone’s here, I’m noContinue reading “Attention”


I can see the stars, Shining bright up above. They look down on me smiling. I don’t know when it happened, But now I’m just as bright as them I can feel the light exploding from me My creativity is free It’s going to end soon, This new found light But it’s okay. I madeContinue reading “Inspiration”

What’s Left?

I feel deserted Like I’ve fucked up so much. Somehow it was all my fault, Because it couldn’t be helped. Because it’s a great life lesson. Abuse is abuse There’s no reward from it, No lesson to learn, no right to make excuses for an abuser. While they have everything, I’m on the floor broken.Continue reading “What’s Left?”

Time Pauses For No One

Let me freeze this moment, please? My future is fuzzy It’s hard to see I think there are shadows lurking I’m safe in this moment, Where my world transparent. No monsters are lurking, Shadows are absent. The universe cannot hear my pleas, They continue to go unanswered, The path of uncertainty approaches, Why won’t youContinue reading “Time Pauses For No One”