The Stars

When I look up at the night sky, I see the past Light from millions… possibly billions of years ago There’s beauty in it, but there’s also sadness Why is it beautiful? It’s a relic We can see light from an age we have only read about Light from a time that our ancestors lookedContinue reading “The Stars”

Lessons Learned During This Pandemic

We’re in a scary time. There’s lots of panic and fear as tiny virus could potentially make us sick. I want to reflect on some lessons I’ve learned while in quarantine. Some of these will just be general things I’ve learned, others will be mental health related. And let me tell you, isolation can beContinue reading “Lessons Learned During This Pandemic”

Healthy Friendships

Here is my take on a healthy friendship. A healthy friendship consists of mutual respect for each others feelings. If they do something that bothers you or vice versa, it needs to be a friendship where one feels comfortable confronting the other. Otherwise the hurt will continue and it can become toxic. Recently, I haveContinue reading “Healthy Friendships”