Wide Awake

I lie here,
Heart racing.
My eyes are shut,
Yet, my mind is processing a million thoughts.
When will the peace arrive?
How long has it been?
Every thought,
Every feeling,
All felt within a second.
Time has vanished.
Why won’t my mind rest?

Let Me Sleep

Why won’t you let me sleep?

I am exhausted.

Completely and utterly exhausted.

It’s been an hour since I was rudely awoken.

And yet my heart still pounds within my chest

The anxiety is still lingering

When will you let me sleep?

I hate closing my eyes.

All I have is these beating heart and my thoughts

Please…just let me sleep

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Little Creatures

My heart beats too fast

I can feel the thumping

Every second I lay there

It’s like something is inside my chest

Knocking to get out

Thump, thump…thump, thump

It always comes in two’s

Why won’t you leave me be?

I’m exhausted…beyond belief

Who are you?

What are you?

You couldn’t merely be my heart

My mind and body wouldn’t betray me like that

No…there must be little creatures running everything in there

They must be doing it wrong…

It can’t possibly be my own mind doing this

Maybe they’re knocking to get out

They must be trapped

How can I release them and be free?

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Falling Asleep

I’m afraid to sleep.

No…wait I’m afraid to try and fall asleep…

I close my eyes but there’s no darkness

There’s no light… there’s only shadows

The shadows dance around demonically

I can’t quite make out what they are

Are they people?

They look like people

Do I know them?

If I lay here with my eyes closed long enough, maybe I can find out…

They’re becoming clearer

Oh, all of the shadow figures look the same

No wait! There’s one small shadow in the centre

It’s the smallest of them all

It seems trapped

Poor thing can’t seem to escape them

The rest of the shadows are pointing at the small one, laughing…

I can’t do anything to help

All I can do is watch

They’re all becoming clearer

Hey! I recognise that one!

And that one!

They’re all clear as day except the small one

Who is it?

Oh! She has short hair!

Who do I know with short hair?

She’s a bit on the chubby side…

Who am I looking at?

Her face is becoming clearer…

Almost there…

Oh. it’s me.