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Shifting Perspectives – Spirituality

Just a warning, this post talks about death a bit and I understand that it’s a difficult subject to think about.

I am a quite a skeptical person. I’ve always been like that, I just think scientifically. Yet, the more you delve into the science world, the lack of answers give rise to thoughts and questions. As I’ve grown, I think it’s worked in favour of helping me become more in touch with my spirituality. Although, I was raise catholic so that might’ve helped a bit too. Regardless, in this post I want to explore spirituality more and understand it, looking at alternatives to my unanswered questions.

What is there after death?

As a catholic, I’ve always believed in God and heaven, however I have been open to my own interpretation of this. Despite this, there’s still one thing that makes me panic at night because of fear and that is; what if it’s exactly like before I was born? in other words, nothing.

Scientifically, we can analyse the brain after death, measuring its patterns. However, that’s it. We can take accounts from what people have experienced before they’ve been resuscitated but again, that’s it.

Entering into the realm between science and pseudoscience, an interesting concept that has been proposed is quantum consciousness. It’s where the quantum mechanics (nature explained in terms of atoms) is used to explain consciousness. In terms of death, scientists are starting to look into whether this means consciousness is possible after death. Some scientists even think that when a person dies, quantum information can be released into the universe, perhaps indefinitely, like a soul. While it’s controversial to some, it’s great to see that science is becoming more in touch with ideas of spirituality to understand the world around them.

Science definitely doesn’t know the answer to a lot of questions and maybe that’s just it, we need to explore ideas that challenge traditional science.

How does the universe just start expanding?

The beginning of the universe started with a singular point of infinite mass and density, called a singularity. It’s kind of similar to what’s in the middle of black holes. At some point, 13.8 billion years ago, this singular point just started expanding outwards, in all directions. Naturally, questions arise from this theory. What caused this? Why was this singularity here in the first place? And if space time didn’t exist, how was there a singularity there?

Some interesting theories include the multi-verse theory, which involves bubble universes splitting and colliding. Another is the oscillating universe theory, in which a universe expands to the point where it reverses into itself and creates a new one. The issue with all these theories is that there’s no evidence, only hypothesising. So, at what point do we abandon our conventional understanding?

Society has often looked to religion and spirituality to understand the unknown. A physicists and atheist named Alan Lightman describes the idea of splitting the universe into the physical universe and the spiritual universe. Physical being what can be studied and understood; and being the experiences of the universe that aren’t subject to scientific analysis. So, maybe the answers to the greatest questions about the universe and life are in fact, spiritual.

There’s so much left unanswered out there and maybe that’s the points. It’s up to us and our own spirituality to discover this. If our soul does exist indefinitely, then maybe we have a greater role in the universe than anyone can imagine. At the end of the day, whatever our beliefs, it helps us answer the unknown and gives us mental stamina. I know that personally, discovering my own spirituality changed my outlook on life and presented hope where there never was any. So, what’s your perspective in life? What questions do you have that can only be answered by spirituality at this point and how does this effect you mentally? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!