I’m cold Not outside, but in I cannot feel anyone’s warmth There’s no love or support to envelope me Only emptiness and ice remains Please, someone hold my hand I need attention My fears are too strong Anxiety is growing. Validate my feelings, It can help set me free. Now that someone’s here, I’m noContinue reading “Attention”


I can see the stars, Shining bright up above. They look down on me smiling. I don’t know when it happened, But now I’m just as bright as them I can feel the light exploding from me My creativity is free It’s going to end soon, This new found light But it’s okay. I madeContinue reading “Inspiration”

What’s Left?

I feel deserted Like I’ve fucked up so much. Somehow it was all my fault, Because it couldn’t be helped. Because it’s a great life lesson. Abuse is abuse There’s no reward from it, No lesson to learn, no right to make excuses for an abuser. While they have everything, I’m on the floor broken.Continue reading “What’s Left?”

Time Pauses For No One

Let me freeze this moment, please? My future is fuzzy It’s hard to see I think there are shadows lurking I’m safe in this moment, Where my world transparent. No monsters are lurking, Shadows are absent. The universe cannot hear my pleas, They continue to go unanswered, The path of uncertainty approaches, Why won’t youContinue reading “Time Pauses For No One”

I Can’t See The Stars Anymore

Light is fading The sky is cloudy Hope and imagination have subsided. A sky once filled with speckles of light Now, reduced to a blank space I see myself in the sky Vast and empty I once dreamed to be bright, to be seen But now, clouds have covered me I can’t be bright anyContinue reading “I Can’t See The Stars Anymore”


I thought it was really going to happen this time. The universe was on my side I could see my dream, Drawn by the stars, Spelled out by the gushing winds The universe was telling me something Yet, I never realised… Never realised it was drawn by the stars, Because my dream was too big.Continue reading “Delusional”


Sometimes our voices feel small We are drowned out by the world around us Never having our feelings heard Then, one small voice grows louder Someone starts to hear Now, there’s another voice It can be heard Their thoughts and opinions no longer drowned out Everyone’s voice is now growing louder No one is leftContinue reading “Change”

Winter is Here

Snow falls A blanket covers the earth Most life becomes calm and still. Yet, there’s still life that flourishes in the harshest of times Through eons of adaptations. It takes time to get used to something new I once expected to wake up and be a new person This thinking was wrong as progress isContinue reading “Winter is Here”