Fitness Journal – 19th of December

Hey everyone, Today I was unable to go to the gym. I have this weird infection at my ankle and it’s painful to walk at times. I also got some good news so I decided to have some celebratory drinks. I’m quite proud of myself because usually if I didn’t exercise one day I wouldContinue reading “Fitness Journal – 19th of December”

I Got Accepted – 19th of December

I just got an offer to do a PhD in cancer research. I’m really happy but I’m letting my anxiety hold me back. The events of the past year were immensely difficult, I was blamed, judged and belittled by my supervisor. I now have a new supervisor but I’m afraid to return to that environment.Continue reading “I Got Accepted – 19th of December”


I painted something! It’s gorgeous, some of my best work It’s a dancer, leaping through the air I love it! I need to show someone! “Mum! Mum! Look at my painting!” “Look! Look! Look!” “Isn’t it pretty?” I can’t help but smile, I’m so excited It’s definitely going on the fridge Huh? She doesn’t lookContinue reading “Validation”

Language Journal – Reflecting

Hey everyone, I’m currently learning Japanese and I’ve been learning it for almost 3 years. Learning Japanese has been a journey that’s required a lot of determination and at times I have really lacked that. Hopefully through posting on my blog I can find and share my inspiration. Over the last year I lost aContinue reading “Language Journal – Reflecting”

Anger is Toxic – 18th of December

Hey everyone, just a little diary entry for today where I moved backwards into my journey of developing my character. I’ll discuss anger and why it is dangerous and reflect on my actions. I have been trying to be less angry and annoyed at everything. Maybe it’s the 40 degree weather or the disturbed sleep,Continue reading “Anger is Toxic – 18th of December”