The Coronavirus Outbreak

If you’ve turned on the news recently, I’m sure you would’ve seen the word ‘Coronavirus’ flash across your screen. Watching the news of the outbreak can at times induce fear as more and more people are being diagnosed outside the country of origin. In the post I want to explore the virus and it’s possibleContinue reading “The Coronavirus Outbreak”

Your Guide to Tokyo Disneyland

Hi everyone, this post is a continuation of my previous trip to Japan posts. Here is the links to my previous posts about Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. On 7th day of our 10 day holiday in Japan, we headed to Tokyo Disneyland Resort. We decided to stay at the the Okura Resort Hotel as theContinue reading “Your Guide to Tokyo Disneyland”

A Day in Tokyo – Click for Cats

Hi everyone, this post is a continuation of my posts about my previous trip to Japan. In this post I’ll be writing about the day and two nights we spent in Tokyo. Here is a link to the previous posts about Osaka and Kyoto. To get from Kyoto to Tokyo, we took the bullet trainContinue reading “A Day in Tokyo – Click for Cats”

Finding Yourself Abroad Pt.1

Hey everyone, This year in November, I went on a trip to Japan. At the time I didn’t have a blog, therefore I wasn’t able to write about my trip. I decided to write about it because travelling can help one find themselves. Experiencing different cultures and lifestyles can aid in finding the next stepContinue reading “Finding Yourself Abroad Pt.1”