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The Inner Struggle Between Good and Evil – Harry Potter Book Review

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the 6th book in the series and it’s significant in that it paves the way for the final battle between Harry and Voldemort. While most people have seen the movies and understand the story, I have found the books offer more insight into the emotions Harry felt. Throughout the book Harry’s emotions are incredibly deep and it anyone can relate to them. Also please note, many people now consider the Harry Potter series authorless or written by Daniel Radcliffe. I am one of those people as I believe an author that can inspire imagination in children should be able to have enough imagination to at least grasp that gender is spectrum and a social construct.

Much like the previous book (The Order of the Pheonix), Dumbledore is adamant on teaching Harry the reasons behind a persons character. In the Order of the Pheonix, he explained the reasons why Kreacher betrayed Sirius and allowed Harry to interpret both sides of the story. In the Half Blood Prince, the lessons on character were almost entirely on Voldermort as Dumbledore believed he needed to understand his past in order to defeat him. While this was a part of the reason, there was another important factor in teaching Harry about Voldemorts past, so he could draw parallels with his own. Both Harry and Tom Riddle grew up lonely and orphaned, one became humbled and the other turned to pure evil. At one point in the book, Dumbledore questions whether Voldemort was born evil or whether he became evil. When comparing Harry and Voldemort, they both grew up in similar circumstances, so what was the definitive part that made Harry choose good?

When analysing Harry’s childhood, he grew up abused and lied to. He was told his parents died in a car crash, though he still had family and there was some kind of connection to who he was. In contrast to Tom Riddle, he grew up with no connection to anyone, all he knew is that he could do these special things. One of the ideas Dumbledore explained, was that because Riddle was surrounded by Muggles, he assumed he was special and because of this, he was above them. This idea was further developed because Riddle had no idea who his parents were and so he created a fantasy that they were powerful. When comparing Harry and Riddle, it can be quite easy to understand what set them both on their individual paths. Dumbledore wanted Harry to draw these comparisons because in doing so, his own character could develop.

In the Half Blood Prince, Harry was around the same age that Riddle started to kill. Riddle started to become interested in his family because he had this unique ability to talk to snakes and thus he must be the heir of Slytherin. That idea came crashing down when he discovered his family lived in horrific conditions and were living in squalor. Yet, the biggest factor that contributed to what he became, was that his mother loved a Muggle – a group he thought he was above. Learning that he wasn’t special, he sought to erase his past through murdering his Muggle side of the family. Dumbledore believed it was important for Harry to understand this because the journey ahead would involve the discovery of secrets, lies and objects of true power. Glory would be within his reach and he would have to reject it. Throughout the book, Harry is shown to be very susceptible to the effects of gaining prestige. The potion book owned by the Half Blood Prince was an analogy for this. Harry almost gave into the praise he recieved and through trust in the book he severely injured Draco. Through having this insight, Harry could see the consequences of striving for someone else’s greatness, much in the same sense Voldemort strives for the Slytherin familys greatness. Through understanding the consequences striving for glory, Harry could have a chance of overcoming his obstacles, as the ones to come would be the hardest he ever faced.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a fantastic book and while it is quite dark in comparison to the others, it teaches people to understand and learn from others, amongst other things. Life can be hard and having ones hopes and dreams crushed can have a profound effect on an individual, however taking a path that doesn’t give into those insecurities through seeking greatness is better in the end. This book had a profound effect on me and I felt it deserved an analysis. Thanks for reading!


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    I came here to work.
      To learn,
      To achieve.
    Please don’t make me feel this way,
    There’s too many distractions.
    So I ask please…stop.
    Don’t turn an innocent crush into something more.
    I don’t know when it started,
    But now I like the attention,
       The flirting,
       The support,
    You said you have my back.
       Is that true?
       Why do you?
    I couldn't take the thoughts anymore,
       I need to focus.
    That’s why I confessed.
    Was it self-sabotage?
    Rejection hurts but maybe you’ll stop,
       Stop flirting,
       And glancing were my eyes aren’t.
    Why do I have to lower myself?
       To hurt myself to stop you?
    It didn’t work,
       It built you up.
    And now I’m left here.
    You said you understood why I had to hear you say it,
        All the while you glanced at my lips.
    I wish it would end here.

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    R U OK? Day Poem

    Trigger warning: Some of the words in this poem can imply suicide. It’s up to your own interpretation, however please be cautious.

    I’m waiting,

    For someone to notice.

    Each day is growing harder,

    Each breath becoming a gasp.

    The perfect storm is in my head,

    Yet, my words are obslete.

    How much longer will I endure?

    I’m counting down the days,

    Until my mind is at peace.

    I don’t know how or when the storm inside will subside.

    But exhaustion has set in,

    Every movement agony.

    How much more can I take?

    I’m so afraid,

    Of what I am capable of,

    And the consequences of trusting others.

    The world is cruel.

    All I can do is wait and see,

    If someone can pull the words out of me.

    By reaching out,

    To ask me,

    ‘R U OK?’

    Mental health is incredibly important and having struggled in the past, I wanted to write a poem for R U OK? day. There have been many times in the past which I wish I could’ve been asked that and I know there are people out there who need to be asked that right now. I try to make my blog a safespace for self-expression of my own thoughts through poetry because it helps with my healing, but it also helps others to know they’re not alone. If anyone needs to talk right now, my inbox is always open!

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    Romanticising Your Life

    Recently, an idea that has become popular on tiktok is romanticising your life. While this notion sounds well, romantic, I’ve discovered I don’t entirely know what it means. Any attempt I have made has left me with some sort of anxiety, coming to the realisation that I’m not romanticising anything.

    So naturally, to understand it, I googled it and to romanticise your life is to:

    Being present and aware is the key to romanticizing your life. Pay attention to what is going on and be determined to be a part of it, even if it isn’t physical.

    While this seems simple enough, it’s quite difficult. Through trying to romanticise my life I’ve found I do so many things to avoid living in the present. For example, I like to put on a perfume that reminds me of the place I brought it – Japan, a place I truely feel connected to. So, is living in the present really key to romanticising life?

    Initially, I thought it meant doing things you enjoy and manifesting happiness through your actions. Simply putting on that perfume made me happy. The concept inspired me to be spontaneous and try new things. That was my idea of having a romantic life. While the idea of romanticising life is great, I think it’s up to the person to create their own definition of romantic. We are the main character in our own lives, so it’s up to us to act like it.

    I think the idea is fantastic, if we create our own definition of romance. If we don’t we can allow anxiety to arise because we aren’t living a life that someone else wants. I felt sad because I’d see everyone else’s romantic life and think, ‘I don’t do that’. Only when I stopped and visualised what the concept meant to me, was when I could truely romanticise it and now the days seem peaceful and enjoyable.

    Thanks for reading! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus because I was sick, but I’m back not to do some writing and can’t wait 😊

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    Journal Writing Prompts

    Journaling isn’t for everyone. It can be immensely beneficial for some and for others it may not be. For me I journal through my creativity. I create blog posts to express the emotions I keep hidden within, all while hoping I can bring advice or happiness to someone else’s day. However, writing down these emotions, whether happy or upsetting can help people understand themselves better. I also keep a physical journal, and while I don’t write in it everyday, it’s there when needed. Physical journaling helps us reflect, but it also give us something to do. Write absolutely anything. Talk crap about your favourite show or go into detail and examine every bit of its themes. You see those themes because it’s how your mind interprets it. It’s a creative outlet that allows you to explore your brain.

    I wanted to share some prompts to help you journal and reflect on your emotions, as well as enable you to be grateful. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have.

    • How do you deal with change? Is it welcomed? Give an example.
    • What is a time in your life that you put your heart into something and no one appreciated it? How did it feel? And what were your next steps?
    • What little things bring you joy and make you calm?
    • What can you implement in your daily life to give yourself tiny bits of joy?
    • Everyone has a story. A moment in life that changed who they were, for better or for worse. What is that moment for you? And what did you learn from this?
    • Did you fulfil your previous goals in life? If not, are you okay with not achieving this goal? If yes, was that goal what you expected?
    • What show are you watching right now? What makes it appeal to you? Are there any characters you can resonate with?
    • Describe the book you’re reading. What characters can you resonate with? What themes are present?
    • What stands out to you when you take a walk on your normal route? Why?
    • If you find romance, how do you want your relationship to be? How can your partner show you respect?
    • What is your definition of a good friendship? How do you ensure you’re a good friend?
    • What’s a moment in your life that your pets have been there for you?
    • Love video games? List your favourite and the best character in them.
    • If you were to write a book or a screenplay, what would you want it to be about?

    Some of these may leave you thinking ‘why would I want to write about that?’. Write about anything you want to. Journaling isn’t always supposed to be about your day. Google prompts or choose some of these, it allows you to reflect on life and also shows you where you were at a certain point in your life. I don’t know about you but I find it incredibly satisfying to look back and see who I was, as well as how far I’ve come.

    Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post.

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    Creativity And Mental health

    Life can be quite stressful at times, and often we bottle up our feelings. As we keep in our feelings more and more, it becomes even more unhealthy and can give rise to outbursts of emotion. A way to combat this is through having a creative outlet.

    What is a Creative Outlet?

    A creative outlet is basically something creative that you do to portray your emotions. It can range from drawing to writing a blog. It also doesn’t have to be singled down to one hobby. I personally enjoy writing stories, blogs and poetry, as well as digital art. It just has to be something that allows you to express yourself.

    Why Is It Important?

    Having a means to express your creativity is extremely beneficial for your mental health. It enables you to focus all your creativity and emotions on a specific task. The importance of aiming your emotions at one activity allows one to have an effective outlet, as opposed to keeping them in and doing nothing with them. If we don’t allow them to flow, our emotions tend to come out eventually in an unhealthy way. Drawing, writing or other hobbies allow us to reflect and explore the reasons we are feeling a certain way without discussing our issues with others. Opening up to friends isn’t a bad thing to do, however; sometimes we really need to listen to ourselves.

    Taking the time to think and analyse your emotions allows one to understand themselves to a higher degree. It’s essential to reflect without the influence of others. Often we go to other people to understand our own emotions and give us advice. If we constantly let opinions and judgements bombard us, we start to lose sight of ourselves, therefore; it is up to us to obtain that understanding of our own emotions.

    Creative Outlet Ideas

    • Journaling – this helps us think clearer, although it is quite hard to do because directly writing our emotions can be daunting.
    • Writing poetry or short stories – I see this as a way to mask ones emotions. Say you’re experiencing extreme heart ache because of a situation, you have the power to put creativity into that emotion and express it in fictional way. This is my personal preference over journaling.
    • Drawing – sometimes scribbling helps, sometimes delving deep into a picture does. As long as you get those emotions out.
    • Creating YouTube videos – some people like to use their experiences to create media. I haven’t personally done this, however it’s an outlet.
    • Making a game – games are just writing and drawing combined which seems amazing. Of course, there is coding and the hard computer aspects, none the less it is a great way to channel emotions and creativity.
    • Cooking or baking – make up your own recipes, decorate a cake, it helps to just do something fun and creative.

    Thanks for reading everyone! I only this year learned how to channel my emotions into creativity and its working thus far.

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